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[Review] Sony VAIO T Ultrabook

Monday 22 October 2012

Here to share with you all the...

Sony VAIO T Ultrabook

Sony announced the launch of the new VAIO T Series on 4th June 2012. A new mobile PC in Ultrabook era. In addition to the unique elements of an Ultrabook being thin and light, the new T Series comes with various interfaces for a better mobile PC experience. It also includes Sony’s unique technologies such as “Rapid Wake + Eco”, faster USB charging, and longer battery life that are must-have features. Overall, this VAIO T Series is an ideal mobile PC for people on the go.

Full Featured Connectivity for Better PC Experience
Perfect for a busy person who is constantly on the go, the VAIO T Series can connect easily and directly to the devices you need, such as desk monitors, projectors, and Ethernet. With VGA and LAN cable connectors in addition to USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and HDMI ports, this PC can be connected to devices of all kinds without the inconvenience of mini and micro connectors that require dongles. The VAIO T Series also comes with both a Memory Stick and SD card slot ensuring that it works perfectly with the laptop.

Instant Wake-Up and Battery-Saving Sleep Mode
With “Rapid Wake + Eco”, you will not need to shut down anymore. It resumes from the sleep mode in an instant, letting you get back to work right away. Simply close the lid to engage sleep mode. Open it again and instantly resume where you left off before. The use of the new Intel technology allows the T Series to resume from sleep mode in less than 2 seconds, and provides better protection for your data. The new sleep mode also uses much less battery power, extending your battery life.

Optimised Performance for People on the Go
Intel Smart Response Technology uses a hybrid drive composed of a HDD and SSD (solid-state drive) that provides significantly faster data retrieval than with a HDD alone. The SSD is used as cache memory, and because it can be accessed much faster than the HDD, data can be read at higher speeds. This shortens the boot time and reduces the time required to load frequently used applications, allowing the VAIO T Series to realise both faster operation and high capacity storage.

Various Features to Enrich the Experience
The new VAIO T Series gives you effortlessly clear, sparkling sound with “xLOUD” and “Clear Phase” technologies, which boost volume levels without distortion for impressive-sounding movies and games.

Video chats are clearer and crisper with the built-in ‘Exmor for PC’ HD web camera. Friends and family will enjoy seeing you with sharper details, higher contrast and rich colours: even in low light where other web cameras struggle with grainy, fuzzy images.
The generously-sized multi-gesture touchpad offers a large clickable surface for intuitive, ‘button-free’ control. There’s plenty of space to navigate pages, edit photos and more with fingertip scroll, flick, pinch/zoom and pivot movements.

Gesture Control lets you interact with your computer using intuitive hand movements. Just hold your hand up in front of the web camera and swipe left or right to flick though web pages or your photo gallery. Pull your hand down to pause music playback or a slideshow, or adjust music volume up or down with ‘rotate’ movements. Gesture Control is currently supported by Windows® Media Player, Windows® Internet Explorer® 9 and Microsoft® PowerPoint®

PlayMemories Home is the new software replacing Picture Motion Browser. With PlayMemories Home, you can import pictures and videos from any camera or camcorder and relive long lost moments instantly. Unique new feature includes camera direct viewing and external HDD direct viewing. And when you’re ready, you can easily upload to Facebook®, YouTube™ and other sites for the world to enjoy.

In addition, the ‘WEB’ button allows speedy access to the web browsing without booting up the operation system. There is also a dedicated ‘ASSIST’ button. It gives one-touch access to VAIO Care which simplifies basic maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to keep your VAIO in good condition.
The new VAIO T Series (SVT11113) will be available from mid-June and the SVT13115 will be available from end June 2012 at all Sony Stores and authorised outlets.

More photos of the laptop!
It's fully metallic. No need to worry about getting scratched easily ;)

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium and Intel Core i5

From the empty space to the 0 marking, it's 0.7cm.
So the thickness of the laptop closed = 1.1cm + 0.7cm = 1.8cm which is about 17.8mm
(taking some parallax errors into consideration)

Look it's even thinner than a deck of Monopoly Deal cards!

Brought the Sony VAIO T Ultrabook to school! :)
It's so much lighter compared to my macbook!
If I can have two laptops, I will choose this to bring to school!
But I got a lil too used to my macbook so I had trouble using this laptop.
Might need to use awhile to get used to using Windows OS again,
cause it does not have all the swiping shortcuts that iOS has.

:: Very light (compared to Macbook)
:: Fast unlike my Windows Bootcamp

:: Windows OS so those who are used to iOS might not be used to it

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