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The Flight To The Big Apple! :)

Friday 12 October 2012

I'm starting to write all my USA travelogues now!! :)

Photos taken at Changi Airport!
My sisters and grandpa didn't send me off cause it was really late already and the car couldn't fit everyone anways. And was really surprised that the Dippies really came! Tian Rui, Jonavan, Kai Sen and their friend (whom till now I still don't know her name! dippies if you are reading this please tell me her name!)

Then we went into the boarding area and I teared after I entered :(
I cannot stand goodbyes one!!

Joy and I sat together while amelia sat further away.
The lady at the check-in area tried helping us get seats together but it was not possible and this was the best they could arrange :(

Flight Tip: 
Always book your seat in advance! Do online check-in 3 days (I think) before the flight to change your seat numbers if you all book your tickets separately but want to sit together.

Up up and away!

Cupcakes bought by the Dippies! So sweet of them right?
The cupcakes saved us from hunger!
Amelia came over to find us and we shared the cupcakes together!
Me with the H,
Amelia with the rainbow (and helping me hold H),
Joy with Y.

And after the whole 20+hours flight, I looked so shagged! :(
(Reason why after the above photo you are not gonna see any of my on flight photos)

Flight Tip:
1. Remember to apply moisturizer (face and hair)
2. Bring a face mask on to the plane!
So your skin will not get too dry after the long long flight!

And after a short while, we had our first meal on the plane!
I had the dory fillet set :)
Enjoying meal + watching movie - Breaking Dawn! hahahas!
Then we reached our first stop-over!

And after an hour or so the plane took off again and that's photo of the second meal on the plane!
Love their omelet and potato! And slowly the sky was becoming brighter.

And we reached Dubai! Here we had to change planes.

On our second plane the A380! Previously it was Boeing 777.
But no longer first row seats :( Now so cramp! Plus sit in the middle, when people want to go to the washroom and stuff I have to move too :( #reasonwhyilovewindowseats
For this flight I was sitting alone with Amelia and Joy sitting the row behind me.

The next two meals on the plane!
In between we had a pizza too!

And after a long long flight, we touched down at New York! Yays!

So that's the start of the first day in the states.
Keep a look out for the New York day 1 post! ;)
And read the NYC tips post if you haven't!

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