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My First Flea!

Thursday 29 November 2012

Had my very first flea with Jocelyn and ShuMin and yay it was a success!
I reached there first so I balloted for our spot and we were super lucky we had a good spot!

Here's a photo of our spot taken in the evening :)
It's very dark due to contrast. But you can see that the top of our canopy (this dark thing in the foreground) has something over it (the dark triangular thing in the foreground).
So our spot was actually sheltered (partially)! As in everyone had a canopy but our had an extra shelter.
We were sort of right under the shelter of Queensway Shopping Center, right under the LCD screen.
So even when it was raining, we had business! :) Cause everyone are stuck at the shelter and our shop was one of the two which was still open while it was raining!

The only problem was that when it's raining, people usually won't want to leave their house.
So all our business were from people who had went to the mall earlier and got stuck in the rain.
So while it started to rain at around 4.30pm, we had our lunch.
And thanks to our lucky spot, we could have lunch and have biz at the same time ;)

Here's a little review about the flea!

So our flea was organised by forfleasake.
It was $70 for saturday and sunday.
(I only joined them on sunday)

The crowd was decent I guess.
Since it's my first time having a flea, I have no idea how large a crowd I should expect.
It's like the moment you pour your stuffs onto the table,
people starts to come and see (cause they want the better stuffs).
Then after that there's no more crowd and after awhile, more people will come.
So business was like on and off type since the buyers usually come in groups.

Tips: Don't bother packing the stuffs neatly
(for second hand sellers)
Reason because most of the buyers will just dig through the stuffs.
Even if you pack it neatly, it will still get messed up.

So yes we started off in a mess.
We just dumped everything on the table hahahas!
When it was raining and we had no business, Jocelyn and I did pack the table.

(as shown on my instagram - @tanhuiping)
Our neatly packed table. But after 2-3 customers came, it became a mess again.

Tip: If you don't want to carry home all your stuffs, 
start selling them at $1 or grab bags during the last 3 hours.

This was what we did! Cause we didn't want to carry everything back home.

But overall I still did sell about 60 items and made a $110 earnings at the end of the flea!
So it's about $2 per item sold if you average it out.
If you think about it, it's actually quite worth it since they are clothes you don't want to wear anymore.
There is no point keeping them at home. If you throw away, you get $0. If you sell to garang guni, you get less than $1 for a whole bag. So why not just sell it at a low price at the flea?

And we were like santa clauses that day! Made a few people happy cause for the grab bags we really squeezed to the max for them. It's like 12 items in a small little bag. One old lady was super happy hahas. She keep asking really still can add more? And when we said can can if she want we will try our best to squeeze it in for her :)

Overall this flea was not bad an experience! :)
Might have another one again in the future cause I still haven't clear all my stuff in my wardrobe.
That's like only 2/3 of the stuffs I no longer wear.

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  1. Hahah!! Felt like a young entrepreneur that day! More fleas to come!!