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Washington DC Day 1

Sunday 25 November 2012

Instead of taking a plane, we took a train to Washington DC!
It's not the usual MRT trains you see okay.
It's a super comfy train!

Service: 143 Northeast Regional
Duration: 3 hr, 25 min
New York - Penn Station, NY (NYP)
10-JUN-12; 10:05 am

Washington - Union Station, DC (WAS)
10-JUN-12; 1:30 pm

Rail Fare $136.00

Tip: Buy your tickets way earlier!
Joy and Amelia bought their tickets earlier and it was cheaper!
It was supposed to take only 3hr plus. But there was some railway problems.
So it led to a delay. First we got stuck in the train for very long at Philadelphia.
Then they got us to change to another train.

Tips: Board the train early. It's free seating so first come first serve :)

Finally we reached Washington DC!
It's such a quiet place.
As usual, we took a cab to our hotel first.

Our hotel! It's actually inside a university for the deaf.
Nice and clean room again!

Kellogg Conference Hotel
800 Florida Northeast, Washington, DC 20002
2 nights - SGD340.48 for 3 people

This time we had no excuse to be lazy (no jet lag) so we went out to walk.

The hotel is inside Gallaudet University.
And it's such a quiet and nice place there.
(maybe cause it's summer and no one is around?)
But the buildings there are so pretty! They all look like castles :)

There wasn't much we could do.
Cause the delay made us reach Washington DC only in the late afternoon.
So we decided to find our way to the nearest train station.

New York Subway uses the swipe card.
In Washington DC, their train station gantries uses the slot in card style (like how SG did in the past)!
Read more about how to save on travelling in Washington DC in this post ;)

There was a 7-Eleven there! And we had our very first pint of cheap Ben&Jerry's!
It's like only USD5.49 for one pint! We bought one and the 3 of us shared :)
There was no fridge in the hotel so we had to finish it.

Even their houses there also so pretty!
As you can see, here is barely anyone on the streets.
Such a quiet place right?
And we came across this cute lil Subway on our way back! hahas.

Then we head back to our hotel to enjoy our ice cream.
And that was very much what we did that day.

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