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[Review] Talika Skin Retouch

Thursday 20 December 2012

Talika is not a new brand on this blog. 
You all should have read how great a product Talika's Lipocils is.
Those who have yet read my review on Lipocils, you can find it here.

Today what I will be sharing is...
Talika Skin Retouch
A Brightening & Anti-Aging Fluid
- Smoothing effect
- Evens & brightens tone
- Fills fine lines

Tested it out of my hand!
It indeed has a smoothing effect and fills fine lines!
But maybe cause I applied on too small an area (which did not have uneven skin tone problem),
I couldn't tell if it did even out skin tone. Also, it's not obvious that the skin became brighter.
However, if what you need is just something which has a smoothing effect, light and fills fine lines,
this will be the product I would recommend you :) Works just like a primer but a lil more pricey at $83. 

You won't have to worry that you will accidentally squeeze the tube when it's in your bag cause it has a lock! You have to manually turn it to unlock it. That's a plus point for this packaging!

Here is the list of ingredients for this product!

That's all for this review :)
Those who have used this product before, 
feel free to share how you feel about the product in the comments box below!

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