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Washington DC Day 2

Saturday 1 December 2012

We started off by having breakfast in our hotel.
The complimentary breakfast only serve non-hot food eg. bread, fruits, etc.
But it's better than nothing =P

Our first school bus ride in the States! :)
It's a white colour bus and not the yellow "magic" school bus though.

And that day was dressy day!
Which explains why I'm wearing a dress :)
But we are dressy only cause it wasn't cold in Washington!
It's so warm there! Warm + Dry (not as horrible as Vegas though).

We took a train to our first destination :)
I think it's cheaper and easier to take a train.
When we walked to the train station the day before,
we didn't see any bus stops anywhere!
Plus the buses in the States have a super low frequency.

Smithsonian National Postal Museum
As mentioned in the Finding Your Way Around The Capital City blogpost,
the first stop - Smithsonian National Postal Museum as suggested by Joy.
Cause she googled and told us that we could get a map there.

A walk around the National Postal Museum :)

They had some interactive stuffs here such as making your mark with a handstamp.
So you can actually take a postcard there and stamp it yourself! :)

More history about postal there.
Eg. types of postbox,
the loyal postal doggie,
ways of transporting mails.

Of course there is a gift shop there and they sell cute Disney stamps!

Remember I said in Finding Your Way Around The Capital City blogpost that it's easier to walk around rather than find transports? So yes we walked EVERYWHERE!

The U.S Capitol
It was only a short 10mins walk or so.

Had to take our touristy shot there :)

They had a compass on the floor!
Cool right?

Then we continue to follow the map and walk to the next nearest museum.
And halfway through Amelia wasn't feeling well :(
In the morning she had gastric pain and it got worst. Maybe it's due to the change in environment.
Cause Washington was a lot warmer than New York.
So we flagged a cab for her and she went back to the hotel alone while Joy and I continued.

Tip: Drink lots of water while you are there!
Have to really keep yourself hydrated since it is warm and dry.

U.S Botanic Garden, The National Garden
See what I meant when I say all the museums are within walking distance?
You can still see the Capitol in the background!

So we explored the place a lil and reached this jungle looking place.
See the photo last photo of a plant? It's the one in my blog header! :)
A super pretty heart-shaped leaf plant (no idea what's the name).

More photos around the place.
Since there were only two of us, it was hard to take photos together.
So we could only help each other take photos.
Which explains why almost all the photos only have me in it.

The whole jungle looking greenhouse was squarish and there is a full platform.
I can't remember who suggested. But we ended up taking "spot me" photos (left).
Spot us in the photos above! ;) The photos on the right are the answers.

More photos there then we moved on to the next destination :)

National Museum Of The American Indian
Had no idea what made us want to enter. Curiosity?
The building had a super big hole at the top.
It didn't seem like it was covered (too bright to see anyways).
But if it's not covered then water will fall through when it rains?!
Cannot be right?

And we found something cool there! Rainbow!
It's this slit on one of the walls which cause a rainbow cast on the floor.
If you take photo of the slit and different angles, you will see different colours.
If you learn physics you will know ;) It's due to diffraction of light!

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Our aim was just to enter, see how it's like, and take some photos :)

Tip: If you aren't interested in history and museums, just enter and take photos.
At least it's a keepsake ;)

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
This place was really cool! Cause I love colours and they have lots!
But beware they have these lines on the floor around the sculptures.
If you didn't notice it and step within that box (near the sculpture),
then the alarm will go off!

More artistic stuffs in the place!
Level 2 was all the cool cool stuffs while level 3 had more artworks.

Even the fountain outside has cool stuffs too.
It's the 12 zodiacs! I'm a sheep/goat - bahhhh bahhhh hahahas.

And yes we had an ice cream! 
They had lots of vans that can open and set up as a stall around the vicinity.
So you can buy ice creams, drinks, souvenirs from them :)

National Museum of African Art
We weren't interested in this so we just took a photo outside =P

Smithsonian Castle
The second castle I saw in the States!
First was in New York Central Park here.
Yes I love castles! They are so fairytale-ish ♥

And we continued walking.
The road behind this building seems like it will look very pretty at night!

Arthur M.Sackler Gallery
Another one which we weren't interested in.
This gallery and the national museum of african art are actually on the left and right of the castle!
No idea what was inside. But I remember after that I searched and one of it had something cool.

We continued walking and passed by the Gallery of Arts.

Washington Monument
Had our funny shots again ;)

From here onwards you will need your own map!
P.S it's a rather long walk from here to World War II Memorial!

A pretty cottage we passed by :)

While walking to the World War II Memorial.
This area was supposed to have Cherry Blossom trees!
But it wasn't the season :(

World War II Memorial
The cute family of ducklings in the fountain!
We only went to the fountain area with all the country/state memorials.

Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial which we didn't go to.
It was too far away plus we were in a rush.

Lincoln Memorial
Once again, our touristy shots :)
Sadly, the water-reflecting pool in front of the memorial was under renovation :(

The wordings on the wall!

The George Washington University
Passed by The George Washington University while walking to the nearest train station so we could take a train to somewhere nearer to the White House.
And we randomly walked to the Hall of Engineering! Just had to take a photo there.
We are engineering students!

The White House
Brisked walked from the train station to the White House!
Here we used our trusty google map.
(It went haywire a couple of times while we used it in the States)
We were rushing around cause we wanted to go back early and catch the School bus.
Just 2 ladies and we didn't want to be roaming around at night :(

Pretty buildings near the White House!
The one on the left looks like a haunted mansion though =P

Joy and I shared a pint and ate while we walked back (so we could buy food for Amelia).
Else we would have taken the school bus back (we had rushed back for the school bus actually).
We finished it when we reached the eatery and were very full by then so we didn't buy any food.
So this pint of ice cream was our dinner for the day (plus we didn't have any lunch). lols.

Bought chinese food here for Amelia.
It tasted not bad and the serving was huge :)
Nonetheless it wasn't cheap. Think it cost USD7.
About the price of Panda Express.

That was all for that day!
We were super tired by the time we reached our hotel.
Feets were aching :( Had an early rest that day!

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