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$5000 for CNY!

Thursday 17 January 2013

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CNY is coming! Are all of you looking forward to receiving ang paos? ;)
I definitely am! Just imagine all things I can buy with the money I receive! =P

SAYS is having a CNY GIVEAWAY!
A total of $10,000 ang paos in cash every day for 30 days.
One of it is a $5000 ang pao!
   The aim is to grow SAYS community of social media users like you and I :)
SAYS users who join will be given a lucky ticket for every daily Special they share that receives a minimum of 1 unique visit. The more tickets a user gets, the higher the chances they have to win the ang paos! So remember to share more to increase your odds in this contest ;)
There will be one winner every day for 30days!
So hurry and join SAYS CNY Giveaway :) Win some money to buy more CNY clothings =P

Hope I can win! Hahahas! Who don't want to win? ;)
Top 5 Things I will do with $5000

1. Bring my family overseas!
Maybe bring them to Hong Kong or Taiwan.
Hong Kong cause I want to go to Disneyland! :)
image from flickr

2. Use some money for my follow ups with DRx.
Katelyn's Skin Care Journey with DRx also need money right?
Else how to pay for consultations and products? =P

3. Buy the CHANEL necklace!
Been wanting to buy that for very very long :(
That necklace is not that that expensive (close to the price of a diamond/gold necklace).
But I just cannot justify using that money to buy a necklace for the sake of it's brand and design.
When that same amount can be used to buy something (eg. gold) that is more worth it!
That necklace is not even made of silver :(
image from google

4. Buy more beauty products and do reviews for all of you :)
Beauty products are not cheap too okay.
Everything so overpriced in Singapore!
image from weheartit

5. Save up some money!
USA trip sort of emptied my bank LOL!
Cannot spend all what! Still must remember to save ;)
image from weheartit

There is so much I can do with $5000! I WANT TO WIN!! Don't you all want too?
I have already joined SAYS afew months ago and have been earning already :)
While you are earning money by sharing things on SAYS, you can keep yourself updated too!
So hurry and sign up an account here with SAYS,
Then join the CNY contest here!

Tip: The earlier you join, the higher the chances of winning.
Since not many people know about the contest yet and also,
not many have shared the posts so higher chances of unique views for your shares ;)

Winners to be announced at 3pm daily via Google Hangout. 
‘Like’ the SAYS Singapore FB page (http://facebook.com/sayssingapore
to watch the SAYS team selecting the winners, LIVE!

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