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Florida Day 8

Sunday 6 January 2013

Here's how the pool looks like :)
It was super bright that day! I could barely open my eyes!

Disney's Magic Kingdom
My favourite Disney park (out of the four Disney parks)
Let the Memories Begin! ♥

park map from wdwinfo.com
Those new stuffs weren't ready when I was there :(

Here is how the streets look like.
Also, this has got to be the most crowded Disney park!

Cinderella's castle!
Sadly Beauty and the Beast's castle wasn't ready then :(

Anyways, we planned two days for Magic Kingdom since sis said it's the largest park in Disney.
Sis worked in Disney World before so I trust what she says :) And yes she definitely gave me great tips.
I discovered a great app myself too :) Will share in the Disney tips post.

First we went to

1. Stitch’s Great Escape!
It's a rather interactive attraction in the sense that you will feel diff stuffs.
Like Stitch pushing your shoulders down, hear Stitch running around, etc.

2. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
I think we collected the Fast Pass for this first, then went for the Stitch's Great Escape.
This game was fun! Joy and I were busy shooting while amelia was controlling the car :)

Tip: Always collect a fast pass first then go take some other rides while waiting for it.

3. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
It's a sky ride around Tomorrowland :)

4. Tomorrowland Speedway
Drive a race car! Actually it's sort of like a go cart.
But it has rails below to guide you. So you will never go out of lanes.
I could drive and take photos LOL of course with the cart knocking the rails here and there.

5. Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
See the last photo? Scare Laugh Facility.
And we were like. Huh? So it's supposed to be scary but they fake people by pasting Laugh over it?
But it's indeed a show for laughs so no worries about anything scary popping out :)
The scare was changed to laugh because the monsters realized that making people laugh will generate more energy :)

6. Space Mountain
This ride we made Joy sit in front! :) Cause she never dared take any rides one.
Thinking that Disney's rides should be manageable, we forced her to the first lane of the queue ;)
And indeed it was manageable for her. Cause no loops and stuff (since it was indoor).
It was just a fast moving ride with a couple of dips. A very cooling ride I would say hehex.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
Hungry people need some food :) Lunch time!
A chicken set and a sandwich set for the 3 of us to share :)

More photos of the castle! The side view and a nearer view.

Liberty Square
Didn't take any rides there yet. 

Just had to walk past to get to
Think we made our way there first to get a fast pass.
How we always decide on where to go first is to see which fast pass is running out first.
Then we will go there to get the fast pass first, and visit the attractions nearby.

7. Tom Sawyer Island
We only took that raft/whatever it is called over to the other side to visit the Tom Sawyer Island.
Felt there was nothing interesting there. So we took the ride back lol.

8. Haunted Mansion
This was back at Liberty Square.
And ahhhhh why did we take this ride?! All I remembered was that it is creepy!
But I have to say that luckily it is a ride!
So you can shut your eyes and cover your ears if you are really scared.

I'm really scared of Haunted houses and fright nights one.
Remember when I went into escape theme park's haunted house,
I was screaming all the way and my friend had to pull me through.

Then for school and hall fright night I was screaming around too.
BUT there were a lil exceptions here and there.
The moment I can recognize who is the actor, I will not be scared already.
However, if those actors touches me, I will have goosebumps and scream again.
And I hate standing at corners with windows! You will not know when someone will pop out!
The previous time I had a fright night, I recognize one of the actors, so was less scared already.
BUT they made me stand at the corner of a room alone! So all I did was to squat and cover my ears.
There was this actor whom came to me and keep asking me to stand up but I refused to =X

So yes. That is how scared I can be. Especially if the place is not well lighted :(
I think I became a lil more daring?
There was this haunted house which I walked in front for a short while.
But it ended up with me squatting down and screaming. zzz.

Anyways back to talking about Disney World first.
That will come in a later post ;)

Next up,

9.”it’s a small world”
It's kiddy land with lots of dolls and with the "it's a small world" song on repeat.

Here is a video I took during the ride :)

Sorry if the videos weren't of a great quality :(
I took them with my phone. My camera cannot video record! :(

For some reason, we ended up in

10. Pirates of the Caribbean
It's a ride which shows some scenes? Life of a Pirate?
I have no idea. I only watched one of their movies and cannot remember a thing about it.

A ride we wanted to queue for. But the wait was too freaking long and we had to rush to our next ride which we had already collected a fast pass for! So halfway through we left the queue.

11. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Back at Frontierland. Just a simple high speed train coaster with lots of turns.

12. Splash Mountain 
Had fast pass for this ride as well.
Btw we were NOT wet at all! I have no idea why. But we were dry after the plunge!
Raised my hands but sadly not high enough :(

13. Jungle Cruise
Manage to come back for this ride!
The queue was very short then I think cause many people were waiting for the parade or something.
Btw, if you have no time, just give this a miss. It is indeed a silly safari boat tour.
Nothing interesting at all.

14. Main Street Electrical Party
We caught the one at 9pm.
When we reached the front area of the castle, that place was filled with people already!

15. The Magic, The Memories, and You!
The one at 9.45pm. Joy and Amelia didn't get to see this cause they went to help buy dinner :(
Joy left her bag with me while they went to buy so I was there trying to keep some space for them.
But they couldn't make it back :( The place was too dark for them to walk back.
We didn't know that Magic Kingdom will switch of ALL lights at the castle area.

Tip: If you don't want to get separated, do not walk away halfway.
They switch on the lights for awhile during the break but they will switch it off again!

16. Wishes nighttime spectacular
Caught the one at 10pm. Usually everyone just stays there throughout from 9pm onwards.
However, this is not the best spot to view the fireworks. There will be lots of heads blocking you.

Sis recommended us a spot which was really good.
(girls that shall be our little secret okay?)
I have another spot to share with you all though.
It's on the middle of the streets, in line with Casey's Corner.
There will be lesser heads blocking you since most will be infront of the castle.
In addition, you will have a full and centralized view of the castle and fireworks!

Here are two videos which I recorded. The start and the end :)

The start of the fireworks.

The end of the fireworks.

I love that song! I think it will make a good lullaby ;) A really sweet song.
Btw I was video recording using my phone and taking photos using my DSLR at the same time :)
That's why the videos were rather shaky but youtube stabilized them for me :)

Met up with the girls, had our dinner and took pictures with the castle!

Photos along the streets and with the balloons!

More night views of the main street then we took a shuttle bus back to our resort :)

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