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Skinny Pizza with the Girls!

Thursday 21 February 2013

Met up with the girls again! :)
Photos with watermarks were taken by me.
Those without watermarks were taken by Alicia.
She actually brought her DSLR out!

Initially we met in Bugis cause we wanted to eat at Saveur.
But that place was full and had a waiting time of about an hour!
We decided to go somewhere else and ended walking to Raffles City Shopping Center.
Then we settled to eating at Skinny Pizza :)

The table we sat at was brightly lit so my photos still came out decent looking.
But there were lots of ugly photos too! :(
Really cannot stand my current compact camera already.
Maybe it's cause I got too used to DSLR quality photos.

Anyways, I shall go straight to the food we had that day!
Cause we didn't take much photos before eating hahahas.
Btw, I cannot remember the exact names of the dishes.

0.5m long sasuage
We ordered this cause we thought it would come in a plate and it would be super funny.
But who knows it came in a bowl lols. Anyways they have 1m long ones too!

Meatballs Pizza
I like this! Yummy!
The meatballs were huge :)

Squid Ink Pizza
Felt it was ok-ok only. Could not really taste the squid ink.
Also, the pizza base tasted a little like burnt pizza.

English Breakfast Pizza
I like this too! Yummy!

In general, I think their pizzas are not bad.
Preferred the tomato base ones :)
Each of us had one slice of each pizza.
Was feeling full after that.
But it might not be filling enough for guys.
Cause the pizza base was really really thin (skinny).

One thing I realized was that everything came with rocket.
No, not that rocket that goes to space =P
There is this type of vege called rocket, a really bitter tasting vege.
Never a fan of that rocket vege.
I was okay with eating them. But I felt the taste of rocket was too overpowering.
Whenever I eat other ingredients with the rocket, 
I couldn't really have a proper taste of the other ingredients.

Took photos with the candy that Alicia bought back from Japan!
Top (left to right): Me, Li Hui, Vicky
Bottom (left to right): Alicia, Shiyun, Kai Ru

Cute sushi hard candies :)
They even put in effort to create those cracks to make it look like rice grains!

A group photo with the shop logo which was right beside us :)

After dinner, we walked to MBS!
Just a random decision to go there and take photos lols.

Pretty photo taken by Alicia!

Shall end this post with a group photo we took on the Helix Bridge :) 


  1. All of that food looks AMAZING!!

  2. Hmm, that meatball pizza looks super yummy! Alicia's pic at Helix bridge looks amazing. The magic of a DSLR~

    1. The meatball pizza was super yummy! And yes. The power of a DSLR hahas.