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Universal Studios Hollywood After Party

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Pretty sunset on our way to USS! :)
Instagram-ed a photo of this too!
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Reached the place at 7+ and spent about 30minutes searching for a parking lot!
Harborfront's car park was so full! I don't want to imagine how crowded was Vivo's.
Will looking for a parking lot, we saw people set up DSLR in the carpark.
Must be for a reason why? And I think it was for the USS Hollywood After Party's fireworks!

After we parked our car, it was 5minutes to 8pm, no way will be get to USS in time for the fireworks.
So we went to the same side where they set up the DSLR (but on a different level).
And watched the fireworks there! Hahahahas!

Youngest sis and I went to USS together while parents shopped in Vivo.
Had two free tickets thanks to Nuffnang! :)
A rare rare time we get to dress up when we go to USS.
Usually it's always tees and shorts since we will be going on rides.

Nice design right? There is even a red carpet!

Our tickets + one complimentary drink :)

USS's Christmas decos were still up.
First time seeing USS's Christmas decos :)

Look at the crowd! Plus all so enthusiastic one!

When you are in USS, you have to take photos with random cars! LOL!

Sesame Street! This wasn't up when I visited USS last time.
So of course I had to take a photo with it ;)

We were confined to the Hollywood areas only though.
Heys. It is a Hollywood After Party. What do you expect? =P
They set up barricades everywhere else.

Collected our free drink.
Had Singapore Sling.
Couldn't really taste any alcohol in it.
So I guess kids can drink it too? :)

That's very much what we did there!
After that we just chilled around, finished our drink and went to meet our parents :)