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[Review] March 2013 Vanity Trove

Thursday 14 March 2013

Shared this photo on my instagram as soon as I received my March Vanity Trove!
All thanks to Camy, I am receiving these beautiful surprises every month ♥

Firstly, I was featured in the magazine! :)
Okays. Might be nothing much to all you people.
But to me, it's my first feature!

Now for the review?


1. Paul Smith Optimistic EDT
It reflects the British designer's playful personality and love for the unexpected. 
This scent offers a taste of something fun and yet familiar,
exciting yet comforting, playful yet decidedly feminine.

My Review:
It has a really unique scent.
Not the common floral/fruity scent.
I think it has a mix of both? But really subtle.
It has more of a citrus scent.
The first impression it gave me was sporty.

2. Kilo Off Organic Herbal Slimming Tea
Battle the bulge with a healthy diet, exercise and taste of France.
This light and refreshing tea is made in France and contains natural and herbal ingredients.
It comes in different varieties that you can enjoy hot or cold.

My Review:
Haven't tried this too.
Haven't fully recovered from my food poisoning/gastric flu,
can only take food that are light.
Will definitely give this a try once I've fully recovered.
Will update here again :)

3. My Beauty Diary
Southern France Apricot Mask
These soothing facial masks have a cherished place in many beauty drawers 
because they come in so many pampering varieties.
Each sheet mask is made from eco-friendly plant fibers imported from Japan.
The soft unique three-layered structure of each sheet is perfectly plush and comfortable.

My Review:
Haven't tried this yet.
But I've love the previous beauty diary masks which I've used before.
So I think I will love this one too!

4. Skin Food Gold Kiwi
This brightening skin care line contains quercetin, an ingredient from the gold kiwi.
The hydrating formula cools the skin and drenches it with moisture so it looks firmer and clearer.
Use the Gold Kiwi Toner to hydrate and brighten the skin after your cleansing routine.
The Gold Kiwi Emulsion improves the texture and appearance of sun-damaged skin
and works well after toner or serum.

My Review:
Smells okay and it's really smooth!

5. Zao Compact Powder
French brand Zao are known for using 100% natural formulas
that have been enriched with active organic ingredients.
This powder compact sets, mattifies and balances the complexion for a smooth and silky finish.

My Review:
A little too orange-y for my skin.
But it's a really smooth powder.
Will definitely be better if it was my shade!

6. Laura Mercier
Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact
Laura Mercier's best-selling tinted moisturizer now comes in a convenient portable compact.
This latest innovation features a lightweight creme formula
that is available in 12 flawless shades for all skin types.
Aside from giving your skin a dewy, natural-looking flawless finish, the creme has SPF 20
as well as antioxidants Vitamin C and E to guard the skin from environmental stressors.

My Review:
I love this!
I think it's close to my skin color!
Could barely see it when I apply on my skin :)
Plus it's really smooth to apply.
No wonder there has been so much ravings bout it!

Comparisons of the tinted moisturizer and compact powder :)
As you can see, both are really smooth to apply.
Just too bad that the Zao compact powder wasn't of my shade.
But I believe they must have one shade that is suitable for me!
Just that I didn't receive it ;)

7. Huiji Fruity Lite
 It is made from all natural ingredients like high-grade hawthorn fruit and honey.
In addition, each drink contains added Vitamin C and xylitol
and helps cleanse and promote a healthy digestive system.
Conveniently packaged in easy-to-carry sachets,
just toss some in your bag to enjoy Fruity Lite warm or chilled after lunch or dinner.

My Review:
I guess this is another of my favorite?
It tastes like peach/ice tea!
Used to buy this in the past.
Was really happy to receive this in my trove,
cause I like this drink alot :)
Couldn't comment if it helped cleanse my digestive system,
but it definitely is a yummy drink ;)


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  1. i want!!!! this box looks interesting! :D

    1. I don't think it's still available for sale. But you can always try subscribing to other next few month's Vanity Troves! ;)