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[Tutorial] Nail Hearts Using Band-Aids

Monday 18 March 2013

Things Used

Jacqueline Burchell Calcium Base Code
Essie Nail Lacquer - Fiji
Jacqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer - Behave!
Jacqueline Burchell Top Coat
Band-aids (one for every two nails)
Heart Shape Craft Punch or Sissors

If you would like to know more about the Jacqueline Burchell nail polishes, you can read about it here!

1. Apply your base coat followed by base color.

2. Cut your band-aid into two then using the heart shape craft punch, punch a heart shape on each of them. 
If you do not have a craft punch, you can use a pair of scissors to cut it yourself.

3. Stick the band-aid on your nail.

Note: If you want a full heart without polka dots, 
get a plaster that does not have holes like mine!
Else the final outcome will have dots on it too ;)
But if you love polka dots, you can use it and get neat alignments!

Tip: Ensure that the base nail lacquer has completely dried before sticking the band-aid on.

Tip: Make sure the band-aid is not too sticky.
What you can do is to stick it on your arms and remove them then stick again then remove till it is not overly sticky. Else when you remove it, it will pull out your base nail lacquer!

4. Using your favorite red nail lacquer, paint over the band-aid.
Because I knew I would end up having a few dots over,
so I painted the whole thing to make it look like a polka dot background ;)

5. Quickly remove it.

And it is completed! ♥

Learnt the above method from Michelle Phan. Another one of my favorite beauty youtuber.
Mad love her videos too! All so good quality one!

Looks very easy right?
But let me tell you. The first time I did it, I had to redo cause it it smudged!
If you don't want to end up redoing, read all the tips that I stated above okay ;)

Hope you like this tutorial and hope the tips helped! ♥


  1. Scotch-tape serves a very good alternatives too, especially those lousier quality ones because they do stick as well as handiplast haha!

    But yea, it'll be good to let the base colour fully dry first before sticking the handiplast on it, that's another of preventing your base getting damaged too :)

    and your polka dots idea is smart too! I like it :)

    1. Thanks! And yupps those lousy quality scotch-tapes are good alternatives :)

  2. How cool!! The heart creates an awesome effect on top of the base color.

    xoxo KJ