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Chinese New Year 2013

Sunday 21 April 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! Okays kidding. It’s long over.
I know right, I took a million years to do up this post -.-
Anyways here’s what I did for CNY Eve, Day 1, Day 2, Day 7, Day 15!
Day 3 was just relatives visiting my house, so no photos =P


Like what other families do, CNY Eve is when we have our steamboat.
Grandma always prepare lots of yummy food. One of our favorite would definitely be the braised (and smoked, I think) pig stomach. Grandma always washes it thoroughly and it has no stinky smell at all!

And as usual, it is also my standard Do-My-CNY-Nails Day. Did red hearts nails.
You can take a look at the tutorial here ;)


CNY Day 1
Same as the past few years, CNY Day 1 is always the day where we will go to Loyang Tua Pek Kong in the morning, and my paternal relatives will visit us from evening till night. This year’s slightly different though. Day 1 became slack day cause of of 4 families, only 1 came. The rest all overseas, so they arranged to come on Day 3 instead.

Outfit of the Day
Top: Abercrombie
Shorts: Abercrombie
Cardigan: H&M

Photos at the temple :) 


CNY Day 2
CNY Day 2 is always the day for us to go gather at our maternal family’s place. Actually we have gathering every Sunday. Just saying that CNY Day 2 is a maternal family gathering day as well.

Makeup in the morning.
The crazy amount of makeup I use each time hahahas.
You can checkout my facial highlights tutorial here :)

Lou Hei at maternal family's place.
Before and after hahahas!

For those who don’t know, my maternal family owns an eatery biz!
They even got featured on ieatishootipost before!
It's on hungrygowhere too :) So whoever go there and eat, please help review ;)
So everytime we go to our maternal family's place, we always get to eat lots of yummy food!!! :)

I love their sweet and sour (or thai sweet chili) abalone!
I am super lucky that both sides of my family cooks really well.

Then we had a full maternal family portrait :)

Outfit of the Day
Dress: Bugis Junction
Belt: Forever21
Clutch Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Wedges: Steve Madden

When we reached home at night, we took our own family portraits too.
Need to find a nice new corner to take photo! Every year same place leh!
Anyways, sis and I were camwhoring after that lols.


CNY Day 7
It’s everyone’s birthday! And the tradition was to Lou Hei.

So we did as well ;) Same as last year, we bought our Lou Hei from Sakae Sushi.

May everyone’s wishes come true!


CNY Day 15
The last day of CNY. This time we didn’t have steam boat though.
Instead we have a few yummy dishes.
This is the only thing that is different this year! Hahas!


That’s all I did during CNY hahahas! I think I’m old already :(
Now no longer get hyped up before/during CNY lols.
It’s like when you are young, you look forward to CNY cause you get to buy new clothes.
But now, I don’t need to wait for CNY and I am always shopping haha =P
Plus CNY is getting mundane, always the same each year.
Can something exciting/fun happen for the next CNY? :)

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