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[Review] April 2013 Vanity Trove

Thursday 2 May 2013

So sorry about this delayed post.
Was rather busy last month.
BUT i always make sure that my unveiled posts are posted within two day.
So all of you can see what's in the trove first ;)

Let's start reviewing the April Vanity Trove now, shall we?

First up, I was feauture in the Vanity Magazine again! :)
This time what I shared was DRx’s Toner.
It’s really my favorite skincare product!

BB Perfect White 377+
Tried this product out. It’s actually not bad. Blends into my skin rather easily.
But I think it’s a lil thick :( Oh and it doesn’t really cover up lines.

Super Cleansing Ex
This product is not bad!
It has a gel-like texture and won’t foam up that much :)

Dr CI:Labo
Washing Foam Ex
As the name suggests, this is a washing foam so it will foam up.
The product has a thick texture though.
And I think it didn’t really foam up on my hand cause the area is too small and I didn’t use much water.
The good thing is that all of Dr CI:Labo products smells not bad :)

Dr CI:Labo
Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture Ex
I like this product too! Cause main reason: it does not feel too thick nor sticky! And it’s smooth :)
Those who have been reading my blog for quite some time should know that I hate thick/sticky/greasy products! ;)
Those who have this, I would recommend you place it in a cold place.
Then when you apply, it will be a smooth and cold feeling :)

Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening
Melanin Control Night Capsules
First I have to say that I love Elizabeth Arden products.
They always have super pretty packagings and one of my favorite perfume is Elizabeth Arden’s 5th Avenue.
Bought like 2 big bottles and 2 travel sized bottles from USA =P
Have yet tried this product though. I gave it to mummy cause she needs whitening products.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening
Smoothing Cleanser
It is a smooth cleanser with small green bits of exfoilant.
My skin really does feel slightly smoother after using it!
And yes. All of Elizabeth Arden products smells not bad as well :)

Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening
Multi-targeted UV Shield BB Cream
This BB Cream is not bad in the sense that it is able to cover the lines on my hand.
Initially when you apply, you will think “OMG! It’s so light! Not suited for my skin at all!”
Then you (or maybe only me) will be like all irritated by the slightly greasy texture.
BUT… after leaving it on my hand for 1-2 minutes, it miraculously got absorbed into my skin!
It no longer feels greasy and the color no longer looks super off from my skintone.
It looks like it’s the correct shade and it managed to brighten and correct the color of my hand.
I think it smoothen out my skin too (lesser lines).
Don’t you agree with me?

That’s all for the review of the April's 2013 Vanity Trove! :)
Favorite product in this trove would definitely be
Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Multi-targeting UV Shield BB Cream.

I will get the Superberry Edition and May 2013 Edition Vanity Trove blogposts up asap!

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