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[Tutorial] Ombre/Bitten Lips

Thursday 30 May 2013

Ombre Lips a.k.a Bitten Lips Tutorial

So... Ombre Lips has been trending and I decided to do a lil tutorial ;)
Want to know how to achieve the ombre lips shown above?
Continue reading! ;)

The stuffs that you need!

What I used:
Lip Scrub: LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub
Nude Lipstick: NYX Matte Lipstick - MLS01 Nude

Step 1: Use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips

Step 2: Apply your lip balm to moisturize your lips

Tip: If your lip balm is too greasy, blot it before moving on to the next step

Step 3: Fill up your lips with a lip pencil
This will help your lip color stay longer.
(I don't have a lip pencil with me, so I used a lip crayon instead)

Step 4: Apply the nude lipstick all over your lips

Step 5: Apply the red lipstick only on the 
middle portion of your lips

Step 6: Blend the colors together such that
there will not be any harsh lines

If you find that there isn't much contrast or it isn't red enough,
you can always apply a second layer of red lipstick in the middle portion and blend again.

And that's all! There is your ombre lips! :)
If you want a more 3D and non-matte lips,
you can apply some lip gloss on the centre of your lips.

Laziness destroyed my lipstick - refer to photo on the left.
The nude lipstick on my lips stained my red lipstick while I was using it to blend.
Had to use a tissue to clean on layer off. Luckily it could be salvaged.

Tip: Instead of using your red lipstick to blend the colors, use your fingers or a lip brush

That's all for this tutorial!
Hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. i usually use lip concealer and i hate it when i spread the liptint,the concealer also glide together making my liptint look less pigmented. -__- this might help me,thank you!! <3 #GIG