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Flying with NO Check-in Luggages - What I bring to BKK

Sunday 23 June 2013

By the time you read this post, I'm already on my flight back from Bangkok to SG!
I know my post are super laggy. Have yet even completed my USA travelogues.
But... some sponsored posts has to come first.

Anyways here is the continuation to my "Flying with NO Check-in Luggages" post!


Things in my hand-carry luggage :)

Skincare + Cosmetics
I did my laser treatment 5 days before flying to BKK so not much skincare and cosmetics were needed.

Lets start with what is in my zip lock bag (liquids - less than 100ml per bottle):
DRx Cleanser
DRx Toner
DRx Sunscreen
These 3 are my basic necessities after laser!
Actually they are my daily necessities when I am lazy too.
These 3 are the bare minimal that I need to have on my skin everyday.

Tooth paste
Shower foam
The 4 daily necessities! Not of any preference. I just grab whatever travel sized ones I can find at home.
And yes, I can live without conditioner for a couple of days cause I have really oily hair.
I can't use conditioner everyday too. Hmm.. and sunblock isn't really a necessity.
I don't use sunblock when I am out actually. Brought it just in case the weather there really burns.

Now for my little cosmetics bag (non-liquid):
Lip Balm Stain
Nude Matte Lipstick
Spoolie Brush
Eyebrow pencil
Cotton pads
My 8 "beauty" products.
Brow and lip products are sort of my necessities now.
I'm trying my best to put them on whenever I am out.
This is the bag that I put in my personal bag once I reached BKK (incase I need to touch up).
Shall skip foundation and stuffs cause I don't really put full makeup when I am out (except for events).
Plus full make up always takes me an hour to prep. So... no full makeup when travelling!
Anyways I left out the razor in the photo. Added it in last minute =P

Tip: Use eyebrow pencil instead of powder when traveling
Reason being, pencils are alot lighter than a wax+powder set!

I brought along:
3 Sets of outfits (since we will be shopping on day 2)
4 Sets of undergarments and pads (one set per night)
1 Set of sleeping clothing
1 Towel

Tip: To travel light, bring thin cotton clothing/chiffon clothing.
Also, wear whatever is the heaviest, eg. jeans/denim

3 Packets of tissue paper
1 Camera charger
1 Phone charger
1 Portable Weigh

That's all that is in my hand-carry luggage!
Weight: 4.71kg


Things in my personal handbag :)

Note: In the end I changed my bag.
Brought a simple sling bag instead of Longchamp.
The same trusty bag (shown in the first photo) I brought to USA :)
Was told not to bring any branded stuffs there.
Even my wallet I changed it to a very old one.
Won't change second photo cause I changed my bag and wallet the night before I flew.

Necessities in my bag
Firstly, Lets start with the things that are always in my bag:
1 Phone
1 Camera
1 Wallet
1 Umbrella
1 Lipbalm

1 Pen
6 Plasters
2 Packets of tissue paper
1 Packet of mints & candies
1 Packet of blotting paper
1 Packet of medicine
1 Hair Tie
I don't normally use an umbrella but it is always in my Longchamp bag.
And for the sake of pretty skin (less than a week after laser),
I shall use an umbrella everywhere I go in BKK.
All these are the things that are normally in my bag too :)
Brought along panadol and cramp pills just in case.
And yes, I left out the hair tie in the photo =P


That's all the stuffs I brought to Bangkok.
Want to know my OOTDs in BKK and what I did there?
Keep a look out for my travelogues! ;)

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