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Flying with NO Check-in Luggages

Monday 10 June 2013

If you are planning on flying without any check-in luggages
then you have to ensure that you bring ONLY NECESSITIES!


Some things that you have to know about hand-carry luggage...

1. Bag Size
image from weheartit
The bag's length, breadth and height (including protrusion) must not exceed 115cm (46 inches) in total. Meaning, Length + Breadth + Height ≤ 115cm!
You can read the full Changi Airport baggages details here.
The weight limit may vary from airlines to airlines.
I know some allow 7kg, some allow 10kg, so do check their respective websites.

2. Liquids
image from flypeach
Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers with a maximum capacity of not more than 100ml each. Containers must be placed in a completely closed/sealed transparent re-sealable plastic bag
with a maximum capacity not exceeding 1-litre.
You can read the full Changi Airport hand-carry liquids guidelines here.


List of necessities to bring:
Toothbrush + Toothpaste
Cleanser + Skincare
Camera and chargers
Makeup remover
Body wash + Shampoo

The above are what I think will be my necessities when I travel.
If you realized, I planned it according to how a day goes.
i.e. Wash up, makeup, go out come back and bath.

Writing this post as a reminder for myself cause I will be flying to BKK soon with only hand-carry.
Hope this post can help those who are planning on flying without check-in luggages too!
Keep a lookout for part two of this post! I will be sharing what I brought on my 5D4N BKK trip :)

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