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[Review] Browhaus Strip Mobile

Monday 1 July 2013

Me in a cab with my messy brows.
Didn't draw my brows that day cause...
I was on my way to Browhaus Strip Mobile! :)
Thanks Nuffnang for the sponsored IPL underarm and Brow Construction service :)

Browhaus + Strip Mobile right outside Mandarin Gallery!

Here's their itinerary :)

It was right infront of Mont Blanc. Super accessible and convenient :)

First Treatment:
STRIP IPL Underarm

New shades? Hahas.
It's something to protect the eyes from the IPL ;)

P.S I didn't have to change my outfit for the treatment.

With shades on v.s Without shades on
(That's just a normal ceiling light)

Things in the room. It's just a small little room on the bus :)

Mad happy with the treatment :) The treatment wasn't painful at all.
It isn't the normal painful rubber band hitting feeling.
This really had no pain at all. At one point I could feel a lil heat but nth else.

Can't wait to see the results!
Was told that after one week the hair will grow out and fall off.
Then, new hair (that are finer) will grow out :)

While waiting for my next treatment, I walked around to take some photos :)

Second Treatment:
Browhaus Brow Construction

It's facing a huge window.
So you will have a nice scenery while having your brows done =P
Anyways their service was good!
They will ask you what type of brows you want and whether it suits you.

Special prices only available on the Browhaus Strip Mobile!
I think those prices are super worth it.

I ended up buying the IPL Underarm and Lower Leg treatment for myself.
How I wish I have a sponsorship to get rid of my underarm and leg hair :(

Anyways they have a contest going on!
Feel free to join ;)

That's how the whole mobile looks like.
One side is Browhaus deco, another is STRIP deco.

My neat brows :)
I asked for straight korean brows.
It wasn't really straight though cause my brows was arched.
So... I have to wait for the brows to grow out first.
Meanwhile, I can fill the bottom part easily to make it straight :)

My Browhaus before and after :)
This is also my contest entry on instagram!
@NuffnangSG #StripMobile #BrowhausBus

That's all for this blogpost.
Those who are keen in their services, hurry and grab those offer!

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