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[Review] Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+/Gel + Dramatically Different Bloggers' Event

Saturday 13 July 2013

Attended Clinique Dramatically Different Bloggers' Event :)
The event was held at Buona Terra, an italian restaurant near Newton MRT station.

A cozy little event :)
We were given a presentation about the new product that Clinique was gonna launch.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

For those who don't know,
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML) is Clinique's best selling moisturizer!
Now you will be wondering "So why would you change the formula, today?"

Clinique is consistently researching new ingredients and technology to modernize its products and ensure clients receive the maximum benefits. The world has changed since DDML was launched in 1968, and consumers need more from their daily moisturizer. As a leader in the skin care industry, it’s Clinique’s duty to provide a solution.

Clinique worked closely with their formulating dermatologists Dr. David and Dr. Catherine Orentreich to learn about people’s current skin care needs. Their patients have noted skin sensitivities caused by environmental assaults that the doctors have diagnosed as a weaken skin barrier. Clinique treats dermatological concerns so it was our duty to reformulate the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion in order to help skin keep in the healthy essentials and better resist environmental influences.
(from press release)

We were given a demo of the product :)
Anyways the photo above was taken using my S4.
And yes, my S4 is clearer and sharper than my compact camera.
Can't wait to get my new camera! Just waiting for it to be in stock!

The importance of using a clarifying lotion (also known as a toner).
As you can see from the photo above, when no clarifying lotion was used,
the hand couldn't absorb the moisturizer applied, leaving a white cast.

Clinique has been well known for their 3 steps skin care routine.
1. Cleanse: Using a cleanser
2. Purify: Using a clarifying lotion
3. Replenish: Using a moisturizer

50% (update) 100% improvement in moisture
54% improvement in skin's barrier strength in 8 weeks

6 new ingredients were added to improve moisture and skin's barrier strength.

With the additional 6 added ingredients, we were told that production cost was double.
But... the best thing about these improvements?
The product is being retailed at a lower price than before!

Price of Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ in Singapore:
50ml at SG$28, 125ml at SG$60
(prices are as of 11th July 2013 - launch date)

To match those prices, they have dropped the price of their dramatically different moisturizing gel too!
Dramatically different moisturizing gel will be priced at the same price as lotion+.
P.S The gel still has the same formula, no changes has been done to it.

Clinique products are ageless and genderless, meaning...
people of all ages and any gender can use Clinique products.

We were told that Clinique is moving towards creating a brand that is suitable for all ages.
After taking into consideration about young students who might not be able to
pay as much for skincare products, Clinique came up with these retail prices :)

Anyways I used Clinique products when I was in JC/secondary school.
(Reason why I stop using those products was because my skin no longer reacts to it after 2yrs)
Allowances are always used up but I'm lucky to have my parents pay for my skincare products.
But now, students no longer have to worry cause prices are a lot more affordable! :)

photo from my instagram
Those who follow my instagram would have seen the above photo.
Anyways the food at Buona Terra was awesome!
Love their salmon dishes and braised beef cheek! :)
Those who are interested can check out this italian restaurant ;)

Buona Terra
29 Scotts Road Singapore 228224
Tel: (+65) 6733 0209
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Sunday: Closed


Now for the product review! :)

One of the prettiest press kit I've received so far! :)

Usually press kit comes printed on A4 paper.
But this was neatly done in a booklet with a CD attached on the last page.

Photo with Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ in 50ml.

Here is the product we were given at the end of the event :)
Was looking forward to trying it out!

Here's how the lotion+ looks like.
It's sort of flowy (liquid) and smooth but not messy at all.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.
Bought this when I was in the states, when I ran out of my previous brand moisturizer.
It has the same smooth texture as the lotion, but not as flowy.

Difference between lotion and gel?
Lotion is meant for people with dry to dry combination skin
Gel is meant for people with oily to oily combination skin

So obviously I can only use the gel one right? I have mad oily skin.

The side by side comparison of the Lotion+ and the Gel.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Non-greasy at all and really keeps your skin hydrated!
At least it saved my skin in dear dry USA.
I tried this product cause Amelia recommended this to me in USA :)
And also because I happen to run out of moisturizer.
Used for about 2 months and I've only used up 1/5 of the bottle.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+
Exact same texture as it's predecessor Lotion.
And the same issue of it being slightly greasy.
That's why it's meant for dry to dry combination skin only!

For people with oily skin like me, I'm sorry but you can only stick with the old Gel formula.
Those with dry skin, lucky you, cause you can use Lotion+ which is better than it's predecessor!

That's all for this review!
Hope it's useful for those who are looking for a moisturizer :)

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