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My Week in Photos & Lots of Words

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Well... I'm writing this post because...
I haven't been blogging! :( Sorry peeps the past few posts were scheduled!
Got a couple of post that I am suppose to do up but they are not done yet.
And there are posts that are done up but I cannot post yet.

So... there is an update of my life! :)
Most photos stolen from my instagram.
Twitter and Instagram are the two places that I update more frequently.


Last week I've been a good girl. I've been studying for my two special term papers.
This is the reason why I scheduled posts so that this blog will still be alive during that study period.

Ever since I entered university, I haven't been this hardworking before.
Taking one week to study for two papers.
It has always been one week to study for like five papers. All thanks to procrastination.
I always say I want to start one month before finals lols. It never did happen. Not even once.

Studied at different places. Tried to find one where I could concentrate the most.
And those few days I was studying with Xinci!
My eastie study buddy cause she took Marketing mod with me.
I'm someone who cannot study at home.
Everything else (even random walking) is more interesting than studying.
And I need study partners else I can't study. Need some studying aura lols.
Hope all my friends will get good grades for our special sem! :)

My new pencil case! Cute right?


2 & 3 August I have been spamming dramas hahahas!
Been watching 童话二分之一! I skipped a couple of episodes here and there.
So I halfway through the episodes I decided to rewatch it with some fast forwarding.
Then I stop due to the study period and after exams I continued again 
such that I can watch the final episode on MioTV on the actual date.

It's a modern romance drama. Next time you see modern romance drama, expect a sad ending.
The previous drama I watched - 欢乐元帅 was a show with a sad ending too. Mehhs.
It seems like many dramas no longer have happily ever after endings.
And yes. I kept crying in both shows. I cry very easily one. Don't judge.


The sunday that just passed, I attended K-Palette's event.
First time I wore contacts to an event and wore contacts for 8hours!
So... my eyes got a lil dry after that :(
Will be blogging bout this event and the products I received soon :)


Monday I went to sing K with Felicia and Cheryl! Like finally!
Anyways Cheryl this post is for you! Hahahahas.
I was taking some random photos and fel was like "huiping you going to blog arr?"
And I was like "don't know leh"
And Cheryl was like "Blog blog!"
I love going to sing K! Sis always ask me to shut up when I sing at home.
But I don't care. Mehhs. The 3 of us agree to be K-Khakis already =P


Tuesday I went to USS with Alicia!
Both battlestar rides are down! Some say it will be closed till next year!
Like that my USS pass is useless already. I bought it for battlestar!
End up we spam mummies 4x and transformer 1x. 
Transformer here is exactly the same as the one in the states.

The queue was mad long that day! We placed our bag in the 50mins lockers for mummies and ended up having to pay $3 to open it cause the queue was more than an hour long! We asked that lady at the entrance and she said 30mins -.- But around 4plus when we took mummies again, the queue was shorting. I think it's cause a lot of tourists left or they went to watch the watershow.


Today I went to sing K again with my Partners in Crime hahas.
Call them the partners in crime cause I got to know them through
the Risks and Crime in the computer age module =P
New karaoke khakis yay! Ohhh and I swear my voice is always higher when I have sore throat.
Strange but when my throat isn't feeling well, I can always sing higher notes more easily.
Or maybe cause my throat isn't feeling well, so I didn't rely on it and I sang using my diaphragm?
And my biggest prob is that, everytime I sing with new people, I don't dare to sing much.
Especially at the start hahahas. Also I think I need to focus on breath and stamina I guess.
I can start a song so-so and end it horribly cause I run out of stamina.
But it was nice singing with them! Got alot of common songs :)
Must sing with them again! I think by then I will dare to sing more already? ;)


So... past few days have been awesome!

Also I received new Make Up Forever Products today!
Gonna review them soon. Now to think of which product to start reviewing first ;)
That's all for my short update!


Enjoy your long weekends everyone! :)

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