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[Review] Vanity Trove Self-Picked #2

Friday 30 August 2013

Here is my second self-picked vanity trove!

1. Physiogel Cleanser
Chose this so my grandma can give it a try cause her skin quite sensitive.
Hope it is useful for her :)

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost
I chose the jar one but ended up getting the tube one cause they ran out of the jar ones.
Love how smooth this product is! Reviewed in my June Trove before.

3. Sebamed Anti-hairloss Shampoo
I think I'm gonna have hair loss soon. Parents say I am paranoid.
But I don't care. Gonna go DRx for a hair scan soon! Must find time :(

4. Blumarine Bellissima EDP
It has a unique floral smell? I didn't really like it.
Left it on the table and my mum is using it randomly.

5. Sasatinnie Sugary Heart Lipgloss Palette
A pretty lip palette!
Initially I didn't choose this.
What I wanted was OOS so I changed it to this :)

6. Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Enrich-lift-EX
I like how Dr.Ci:Labo products are always smooth and non-greasy.
Chose this so I can give it to my mummy :)

7. Essential Rich Premier Shampoo
I didn't choose this. No idea why it pop up in my box.
Realized it's the 7th item when we can only choose 6? So it is a bonus! :)
I had this before! Brought it to the states when I went there a year ago.
It smells not bad. And it's always good to have such travel sized products for traveling! :)
And I don't recall choosing this too! Hahahas! Memory loss much.

That's all for my second self-picked trove!
Looking forward to my next trove :)

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