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Beauty Destination by L’Oreal Paris - UPsize your Eyes

Sunday 8 September 2013

Beauty Destination is your one-stop site for makeup tips and tricks!
With the aim of making makeup easy for every woman, Beauty Destination by L’OrĂ©al Paris Singapore is possibly the best site featuring easy steps to achieve your favorite looks! It’s the one and only Beauty Destination you need, because you’re worth it!

Here are some of the things you can find/do on the website :)
1. Product information of the latest L’OREAL Paris cosmetics (e.g. product description, where to buy, prices etc)

2. Makeup tutorial videos featuring celebrity makeup artiste Larry Yeo. Focusing on 3 different makeup topics every month over 3 months, Makeup Maestro Larry Yeo will demonstrate handy makeup tips through how-to videos & step-by-step guides that will be hosted on BEAUTY DESTINATION, using the latest makeup products by L’OREAL Paris Singapore.

3. Ambassador’s page where excerpts of your own blog posts + dweam’s and tippytapp’s blog posts can be found

4. Contest page where visitors can join to win Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite notebooks worth SGD 1,199 each!

5. “Ask the Experts” where visitors can submit their makeup questions to L’OREAL Paris experts

I'm one of their ambassadors! Along with 12 other bloggers :)

The first topic this month is all about
how you can UPSIZE your eyes & create the DOLLY look!

I attended a workshop for it thanks to Nuffnang! :)
Those who followed me on instagram should have seen that photo before ;)

Our tables nicely laid with the things we need (eg. cotton pads, make up removers, lash curler, etc).
We were also given a whole bag of goodies!
6 of which we will be using to obtain the upsize our eyes and create a dolly look :)

Larry did a step by step demo on Valerie.
In between each step, we were given some time to try each step on ourselves.

Pro Larry and Pretty Valerie's final look :)

Took a photo with Larry at the end of the event.
Didn't manage to take any photos with Val cause she was too busy!

This was how my eyes looked after the workshop.
With no foundation on lols. Cause we started on eye makeup first.
So please just focus on the eyes only.


Now ready for the tutorial
to get the above look?
(Of course do your own base/foundation makeup first)

And that's a upsize eyes dolly look! :)


My first favorite product has got to be L'oreal Rouge Caresse Heart of Pearls Lipstick!
Love the color Peach & Cute - a nude-ish pink color :)
It could smooth out the ugly lines on my lips cause the lipstick is creamy!
I found the lipstick moisturizing and use it as my daily lipstick together with a lipstain.
Plus I can control the amount of glitter I apply by using different corners of the lipstick :)

Here are the prices for the products :)
Heart of Pearls lipstick $18.90
4D Lash Architect SGD $27.90
Les Ombres Eyeshadows SGD $22.90
Black Lacquer Super Liner SGD $20.90
Products are available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA,
selected departmental stores and super/hyper markets.

That's all for this post!
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)
And do keep a lookout for the next two L'Oreal posts on my blog ;)


  1. It looks good even with glasses on. Does this look look ok with monolids?I have them n have so much difficulty with eye makeup.

    1. Hi Agy, thank you :) Yupps it should work with monolids as well. It's similar to this tutorial (http://youtu.be/1ZLC-8ToHOo) by frmheadtotoe :) She has monolids too ;)

    2. Thanks. Tried out the look and like how it turned out. Def not ott!

    3. You're welcome :) That's great! Glad you like this look too :)

  2. Love your editing!! Photoshop? :))
    How to put the flowery thing ah? hehee
    Nice tutorial!

    1. Thanks babe! Yupps I used photoshop :)
      Those flowers were from a digital scrapbook kit that I downloaded online.
      You can try google-ing "digital scrapbook kits". They have lots of pretty ones out there ;)

    2. Thank you! :))
      Your tutorials are getting so much more professional :) Jia you!