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[Review] LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Masks

Friday 20 September 2013

Sometime back I received three LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Masks!

Left to Right:
LUDEYA Hydro White Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask
LUDEYA Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask
LUDEYA Rejuvenating Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask

It is endorsed by S.H.E member, Selina Jen. Selena's first skincare endorsement since her burn accident in 2010 and has listed LUDEYA as her beauty secret to her crystal clear skin.

The latest of these medical-turned beauty breakthroughs – Bio Cellulose – was first used to treat various types of wounds and burn injuries. Also known as “Artificial Skin”, Bio Cellulose’s 3-dimensional fibre structure closely resembles the human skin, allowing it to deliver moisture and other beneficial ingredients deep into the epidermis.

LUDEYA's Bio Cellulose Mask series uses the latest, exclusive Bio Fermentation technology - a 21- day process under very low temperature - to form SkinGel, whose 3-dimensional structure closely resembles the human skin. This allows Bio Cellulose Mask to completely bond with skin to effectively deliver the exclusive SEANOL® essence deep into the dermis.

LUDEYA products contains non-artificial colouring, non-artificial fragrance and preservatives, and are tested hypo allergenic to suit all skin types. Its signature botanical essential essence lets you enjoy the pleasure of a natural botanical scent, while relaxing and providing nutrition to the skin. All ingredients are clinically proven and tested to ensure it is mild and effective. LUDEYA's ambassador, S.H.E.'s Selina, has been using the brand as her all-time favourite.


Here are the individual product packaging
and ingredients list!

LUDEYA Hydro White Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask:
Deep Whitening + Hydrating

LUDEYA Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask:
Intensive Repairing

LUDEYA Rejuvenating Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask:
Intensive Hydrating and Moisturizing


Here's how the mask looks like!

Super soaked with products! :)

And unlike normal mask, this mask is made of bio cellulose (jelly and smooth texture).


I got to try all the masks and I have to say, they were all really moisturizing!
It left my skin soft and smooth :) Even my hands that only touched it for awhile =P

:: Very moisturizing
:: Huge piece of mask
:: Masks are well soaked
:: They do not dry up even after 15mins of use!
:: Nice packaging

:: No ear hooks. But you are supposed to be resting when you have a mask on.
So it isn't really an issue.

If you are interested in trying them yourself,
LUDEYA Masks are available at S$9.90 for a box of 1 in selected Watson's and all SASA stores!


  1. Where can I buy this from Singapore??

    1. Hi Pei San, you can find it at Watsons and SaSa.