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Los Angeles Week 2

Saturday 23 November 2013

I'm back with another USA post.
It has been more than a year since I came back and I am still not done with my travelogues.

P.S Lots of photos ahead!
It's the same writing style as my previous travelogues.
But I didn't combine photos for this post.
Combining photos takes up a lot of time! Reason why I procrastinate.


Monday - 2 July 2012
Happy breakfast on a monday to get rid of monday blues!
Made by our master chef Weida :)

Went for a short gym session in the evening.

The familiar stretch of road, from school/home to Ralphs/westwood!

Anyways after gym we had a girls' night out! :)

They have lots of Asian food there!
Not the best we had. But still quite decent.
If I didn't remember wrongly, we didn't like their chicken rice though.
Actually we went to the wrong place.
I think we wanted to go to noodle world instead LOL.
Noodle world has awesome (considering it's in the states) asian food!
Cannot blame us! We've never been there before.
Our asian dinner were always bought back by the guys =P
Btw, prices here is about 8USD per main dish :)

All the food we shared that night.
A reward for going to the gym in the evening ;)


Tuesday - 3 July 2012
Well.. nothing much happened on tuesday.
We had a lil "party" at night though.
Kuan yee made yummy wakame for us! :)


Wednesday - 4 July 2012
4th of July meaning... It's independence day!
We had a day packed with events.

Morning breakfast at IHOP to start our day!
I miss eating in IHOP! :(

Outfit of the Day
Tank: GAP
Shorts: Cotton On
Cardigan: Cotton On
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger
Slippers: Havaianas

Yummy breakfast! Joy and I shared these two sets of meal.
And... we couldn't finish the pancakes lols.

A group photo! :)
From the right, anti-clockwise:
Me, Kuan Yee, Carine, Amelia, Jasper, Weida, Jasmine, Dicky, Joy

Notice we are all in Blue/Red/White?
Since we are celebrating Independence day, we should dress up accordingly too ;)

After having a filling breakfast... YOU HAVE TO SHOP! Hahahas.
How can you miss going to the outlets on Independence day? =P
They have special discounts on independence day ;)
Some say it's alot crowded than normal but I thought it was somewhat similar.
Maybe cause we've only visited the outlets in summer and summer is the holiday period?
So during summer outlets are more packed than usual?

After shopping, it's time for dinner! :)

The burger is huge! All of us shared ;) Two to one burger.

Hello big big burger! :)
Shared a Hula burger.
Lots of mushrooms inside! :)

Someone recommended that we come here to catch the fireworks.
Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.
Well... there is a huge crowd there. But that place is full of trees.
So you might not get a full view of the lower fireworks. 

Another group shot! :)

The crowd!!!

Midvale peeps! :)
All my housemates, missing Yusho.

Photo spam and another group shot! :)
Got someone to take a group shot for us,
but that person didn't manage to capture any fireworks int he photo lols!

Kuan Yee took this pretty shot for us!
Photos with me inside were taken by Kuan Yee :)
She is the DSLR pro. I anyhow use DSLR one :/

Some of our solo shots with the fireworks!
Well... the fireworks show lasts so long you will get bored of taking photos of the fireworks =P

Pretty pretty fireworks!

Told Kuan Yee to join them for a pic. But well.
I snapped too quickly :/ I snapped cause I like the purple fireworks hahas.

Right after Kuan Yee got in the photo, it was the finale firework!
The super super super big and bright firework!
So bright my camera settings wasn't suitable anymore.
And I couldn't change the settings fast enough!
It was in TV mode. It's hard to take night shots with auto.


Thursday - 5 July 2012
Early morning I drove, not! Hahahas.
Don't dare to drive in the states cause I haven't been driving much in SG too!
Plus it's left hand drive in the states.

Reason why I haven't been driving is cause my dad's car is a manual car and I can't drive manual.
I got a manual license but I'm bad at getting the bitting point of the clutch.
I think the car clutch will wear out 1000000x faster if I start driving lols.
Can't wait for him to get an auto car! Then I will have to worry about scratches -.-

Above photo taken when Amelia and Jasper went to get tickets for us I think.
Joy and I took turns to take photos with the car =P

Hello chocolates! A bday gift for Weida.
His birthday is on the 6th but we were traveling the next day.

Joy and I cut this in the car.
I did all the cutting and Joy glued them together.
Reason why we cut in the car is cause...
we always forget to shift our cars every 2hours and keep getting fined!
So we decided to sit in the car and do this, the shift the car when time's up.

Cake bought by Carine and Sandra! :)

Kuan Yee doing up a card.
She's drawing Weida on the card!

Me sticking all the words and balloons up.
Amelia , Kuan Yee, Sandra, Carine were all busy cooking :)

Happy girls!

All hiding in the room.
Kuan Yee was the photographer of the day!
We hide cause we thought they were coming back already.
End up they took quite some time to come up!
And the candle was in a horrible state lols!
They = Weida, Jasper, Yusho
Got Jasper and Yusho to help distract Weida for the day,
then let us know when they are coming back :)

The balloons that kept falling lols.
The tapes weren't strong enough.
And we came out cause they say they will take awhile more.

Then we went back into hiding.

One of the candles went out!
Cause the wick was almost burnt out!
And we were like OMG! hahahas.

Luckily it survived!

Anyways the candle went out again and we had to relight it hahas.

Happy birthday boy!

Midvales family photo! :)

Photo of bday boy with all the guys and all the girls! :)

Everyone so happy!

The widespread amount of food we had that day!
All thanks to Amelia, Kuan Yee, Sandra and Carine! :)

This is our shoe corner.
For some reason, our house always has lots of shoes.
6 of us, and there's like 20pairs of shoes lying around hahas!

More photos and time to wash up!

A combined birthday present from all of us!
He was told to wear this to San Diego the next day =P

Yusho being yusho had to make Weida drink hahas.

Next, it was time for...

Well... no one escaped from this.
I got cake on my face after taking that last shot above, where Kuan Yee was hiding hahas.

Well no one escaped from it.
Not even dear Jasper who just bathed lols!
Weida was like "faster come out leh. i need to use the restroom"
Something along that line...
And initially Jasper refused to come out cause he could sort of hear us giggling outside.
After waiting for awhile, he decided to come out and... tadah the cake! :/

With Yusho around, Weida definitely will be brought out to drink hahas.
Yusho and his friends celebrated Weida's birthday at Westwood Brewing Company.
The guys went out first.
Amelia and Joy were below 21 then (I was lucky I had my bday before the trip),
so the two of them weren't allowed into the brewing company.
All the girls decided to go to the bar next door.
Weida came to join us and well... he was a lil drunk already.
Then the rest of us girls wanted to see how the brewing company was like so we followed him.
And... he bought more alcohol for us... I think that's beer?
After that he was totally drunk. I think they made him drink a lot a lot!
Lots of funny things happened after that lols.

Anyways, both Weida and Jasper were sort of drunk
and they are two of our drivers for the roadtrip the next day!
Plus all of us slept really late that day too.
Luckily we all managed to wake up for that trip and we had a lil change of drivers :)


So the road trip is still on!
Next will be a travelogue about San Diego!

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