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My Week in Photos

Sunday 3 November 2013

Another my week in photos post!
Love doing such "My Week in Photos" posts! :)
It's sort of like a diary for me too =P

Actually this post has three weeks worth of photos. Opps!
Haven't been doing such post and ended collating them
cause I've been really busy with quizzes these few weeks!
Now that I've completed all my quizzes! It's time to blog blog blog ;)

My diary from 11 October to 2 November ;)
Let's start!


Study time at Mcdonalds!
At Changi Airport Mcdonalds with my study buddy, Xinci!


Quiz on a weekend!
My awesome daddy drove me to and fro school :)


Sunday to Tuesday
Then... I have no idea what happened during this few days.
I believe I was slacking. LOL.
Cause that week was e-learning week.
I can never study at home, too noisy and too much distractions.
All I know is I did my presentation slides and also my web app project!
That SQL and PHP that has been giving me headaches.


Visit DRx + school lab.
Replenished some of my products at DRx!
Then head off to school for lab!
This "Adopt a Dog" is my current web application design project!
I took up that mod cause I was interested in web application design.
After attending the class then I realized that a lot of people already learnt those stuffs before!
So it's like they have an advantage! Boo. I had to learnt from scratch. Only knew a little html.
Lately there has been lots of complains about PHP on my twitter cause I was working on this project!

Can't wait for december to come! Then I shall do up a blog layout myself!
Actually I paid someone to do a layout for me. Have yet updated this blog to that layout.
But... I've decided to make some changes to it!

Also, I've got a friend to draw a cute chibi art for me so I can use it as my blog background!
You all can check out her fanpage here! She does really cute drawings! :)
Here is the drawing! She's super pro! She drew the castle in details!
I miss Disney World. How I wish there is one in Singapore...
P.S She does take commissions too so you can "hire" her to draw for you too ;)


Went to school for project meeting!
I dislike having meetings in school when I have no lessons.
Cause it take about 4.5hrs for me to travel to and fro school :(
But oh wells for the sake of the project!
Traveling makes me really tired.
So I ended up doing some PHP coding and slacking the moment I reached home :(
Another day wasted! Was supposed to be catching up with my e-lectures!


Attended Loreal's event!
The third one for Beauty Destination.
This time we had a chance to try out their new eyeliner - Super Liner Black Buster!
And we were also taught how to create Katniss Everden's look in Catching Fire.
Btw, I love the highlighter eyeshadow shade that they gave us! It looks natural :)
Here is the full blogpost!

Also I received the October glamabox!
This time, the box is really pretty and unique!

Won't be doing a full review though as they are all just samples.
If you are interested, you can get one here!


Attended Jingshun's wedding at Pan Pacific Hotel!
Congrats Jingshun and Daphne! :)
Didn't take photos of the food that day though.
I am a good girl =P

Anyways Jingshun is a friend I made when I was working in Medtronic as a temp!
So this wedding was sort of like a gathering for us too! Haven't met them in like a year?

A photo with Minyu! Photo taken from my instagram ;)
We were from the same batch in the same JC but only got to know each other at Medtronic!
This girl is currently working already! *jealous*
Anyways cause the table had other medtronic staffs whom we don't know,
we had to intro ourselves as the temps in Medtronic from 3 years ago hahahas!

The pretty blue rose we got from the deco LOL!

Left to right: Uncle Lim, Yinghou, Me and Minyu 
Actually Uncle lim isn't that old I think.
But cause we were only 18 when we worked there, the rest told us to call him Uncle Lim lols.

Photo with the rest who were at the same table as us!
That Kingsley was so busy going around socializing with everyone lols.
Didn't take any photos with him!


Woke up really late since I slept late the last night.
Did some changes and arrangement to my web app project.
And finally managed to catch a few e-lectures.
Many many more to go though!
This is what you get when you don't attend lectures!


I have no idea what I did on monday other than prepping for Tuesday's presentation.


The day for prof comm presentation!
Our group decided to wear blue together.
To be specific, it is dark blue.
But I only have white and pastel blue formal top.
But end up, we appeared in different shades of blue!

Here's our group photo!
I was in pastel blue, the lightest shade out of all of them hahahas!
Coincidentally, the other group who was presenting came in blue too!
So all were in blue except for one who came in grey hahahas.

Then I did my Darlie sponsored post when I reached home.
And that explains why I was in formal wear hahas!


Lab! Our project is somewhat completed!
No more headaches! Yay! :)


Those who followed me on twitter would have know that I was trying to get air tics.
Ended up not getting any all thanks to my mummy who keep asking me to try to change the dates! :(
I really want to travel! How??? :(


Study time with my study buddy again!
Mcdonald's again...


Had a quiz in the morning!
Daddy drove me to and fro school again :)
Then I slept the whole day and did the Loreal blogpost at night!


I got addicted to play LINE Play again lols!
Created a new look for my character! Cute? :)
Then I created a character for my dad and my mum lols!
Just so I can get in-game diamonds from them hahas.
And mummy was really entertained by the app LOL.

Also... My friend posted a photo of her playing tower defense!
And I got so tempted to play too lols!
Played quite a bit of Warcraft's tower defense and castle fight when I was in JC =P
I don't have the CD and the game was uninstalled from my old lappy.
So if I want to play that game, I will have to buy the CD. Boo.
I just need it to play tower defense and castle fight on garena!
Cause... I don't know how to play the actual warcraft/dota =P
Just bought it online! Impulsive much.

And yes, I am quite a gamer when I was in secondary school and JC.
Runescape, Gunbound, MapleSEA, AuditionSEA, Super Dancer Online,
Warcraft Mini Games, Soldier Front!
I'm both girly and boyish, play a mixture of games.
But I stopped playing these games when I entered uni hahas.


Monday to Thursday
School on Monday as usual and also catching of e-lectures!
The only time you will see me catching e-lctures - when a quiz is nearing.
Tuesday no school but I was catching e-lectures.
Wednesday and Thursday I got lab and quiz on both days!

Made a trip to DRx on Wednesday to have my skin reviewed by Dr David.
Replenished some products!
I love love love their toner! Love it so much I sometimes use it 3x a day.
Got the previous one about 3weeks ago and about 1/3 is gone!
I think it's cause I use it 3x per day opps.
But it's really good! It can remove all the dirt and also make my skin less oily.
Anyways, after the review, Dr David suggest me to change 3&4 to 3B which is ARC.
If you read my previous post, I had an allergic reaction to ARC.
But Dr David said this one they change packaging already and I have been fine with 3&4.
ARC is just a combi of 3&4 so it can help me -1 step in my skincare routine.
Thus I was given a sample to try it out again :)
Hope it works well!

Oh and I only slept for 2hrs on Wednesday night!
Said I wanted to go home and sleep but ended up having lots of stuffs to settle.
And I managed to survive the full Thursday till at 2am!
And yes, I got a lil high in school, then a lil sleepy and quiet, and a lil high again -.-
That's my school week!


Friday self-declared no school =P
But I stayed home to schedule some blogposts.
And I got addicted to watching Pony's makeup videos =P
Also, I made a trip to London Weight Management cause they sponsored me 2 treatments ;)
First treatment and I managed to lose close to 1kg!

London Weight was really thoughtful as they provided paper undergarments.

First it was a steam bath,
followed by scrub+heat wrap,
followed by some machine to stimulate the muscles.

At the end of the full treatment, I was given a meal replacement drink.
They have different flavors. I chose chocolate one.
It' doesn't taste bad. It tastes like chocolate cereal/oat.

They have lots of lockers there so you need not worry about where you can keep your bags.

Another good thing about London Weight is that you can shower there!
They have shampoo, conditioner and body wash available.
(P.S I only took a photo cause no one was using the shower)

They also have a hair dryer there :)

I took a shower after the treatment cause I felt sticky after sweating so much.
I'm not one who sweats easily and their treatments managed to make me sweat a lot!

Btw, the treatments did increase my metabolic rate (I feel).
Cause I ate the same and my weight manage to fall on it's own! Lols.
Not bad I would say.


It's dear freshie, Cheryl's, 21st birthday!
Polaroids taken at here party!
Left to right: Felicia, Cheryl and I
Wasn't able to stay throughout the party as
I had arrangements with another group of friends that was planned long ago.
Couldn't stay for the cake cutting as I had plans to go to xcape with my UCLA easties.

Then I rushed over to meet the UCLA easties!
Left to right:
Sandra, Marcel, Benjamin, Ian, Me, Dawn, Xinci

We went to Xcape!
We tried Catch me if you can and it was hard! LOL!
You really have to think out of the box! It's super tricky hahas.
Catch me if you can was supposed to be the scariest out of the 3 rooms.
We were like super scared before that. But... end up it wasn't scary at all hahas.

Had desserts with them after Xcape! :)


That's all for my diary! :)

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