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My Week in Photos

Friday 6 December 2013

Opps. I haven't blog for a week.

Was really busy with exams and I ran out of scheduled posts.
Even my instagram died for 3 weeks lols.

Latest photo on instagram - dinner with the easties followed by sending Dawn off at the airport!
Finally a post on instagram after 3 weeks hahas.

I have been inactive on my blog and instagram.
BUT I am very very active on my Dayre :)
That app is sort of like my diary.
Wish I have more friends there to follow though.
Friends if you all are reading this, please go and create an account so that I can stalk all of you =P

Just a short update post.
I'm now gonna start working on a few other posts!
Lots to do this holiday!
Will be back really soon ;)

Actually I've got two more to add!
11. Clear my wardrobe (it's in a mess)
12. Watch The Heirs

That's all! Shall go and get busy now!

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