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[Review] VanityTrove Yingjie's Christmas Picks

Tuesday 7 January 2014

This post was scheduled.
While you are reading this, I should have just gotten back from Hong Kong!
Updating my trip on my Dayre daily (@tanhuiping).
Now back to the review :)

I know Christmas is over.
But I'm still gonna review the Trove I got from Vanity Trove for Christmas!
They've got a couple of Christmas Troves available and I picked one from Yingjie.
I'm sure a lot of you have heard her name on this blog before
as I've attended a couple of events with her! :)

Now, back to the review ;)

Pretty Christmas Deco on the box!

Opened it up and it was FILLED with products!

1. Liese Airy Style Water
I've reviewed this series of styling from Liese before - Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series.
I have to say this product is just as lightweight and non-sticky as the two that I've reviewed! :)

2. Covermark Moisture Veil LX
Nice sample with two shades!
Have yet to try them out though.

3. Covermark Real finish brightening
lip essence UV
Yingjie was raving about the lip essence!
I've tried it myself and it's really good!
It's very smooth and adds a soft tint of colors to the lips and it smells nice.
To add on, the packaging is so cute!
P.S You can't get this packaging outside cause it is a sample product.
(You can get the full size though or you can get the samples from Vanity Trove)
I think it's a great travel size product.
Been using it quite a bit lately ;) I should have saved it for my HK trip!

4. Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets
One sheet was sufficient for me to fully remove all my makeup (including waterproof makeup)!
Plus this new improved version has 20% more solution soaked up compared to its predecessor.
Great for days when I am lazy to remove my makeup ;)
I did a full review of this sometime back - Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets.

5. APIVITA samples

6. Essence Eyeshadow
The eyeshadow is smooth but not really pigmented.
This time I got it in shade big bang, a bright violet color.
I've did a review on the yellow one long long ago.
Got it in my January 2013 Vanity Trove! :)

7. Collection Hot Lights Lipgloss
Love this lipgloss cause it comes with light and a mirror.
Super easy to use. You can now even touch up your lips in the dark hahas.

8. Albion Skin Conditioner Essential
Didn't really try this sample but it smells not bad.

9. Benefit Cosmetics Cha Cha Tint
Benefit has been famous for their tints and I've been wanting to try one!
Glad that I received it in this Christmas trove :)
The color may seem a little too pigmented on one swipe.
But all you have to do is dap a few dots on your cheeks then dap it to spread it out.
It will give you a faint and natural looking color on your cheeks.
In the last photo above, on the left is when I swipe it once (you can do this on your lips).
On the right is when I made 3 dots and dapped it using my fingers (you can do this on your cheeks).

That's for for my review!
Hope you enjoyed reading it ;)

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