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My Month In Photos (Jan 2014)

Wednesday 5 February 2014

It's Feb and I haven't done any my week in photos!
Decided to do "My Month In Photos" post instead.

Updates for the month of Jan.
I didn't totally go missing with my week in photos.
It's just that I've been posting them all on Dayre (@tanhuiping)!
So now I shall refer to my Dayre to do this post hahahas.
Convenient much. No need to test my memory.
Shall only include things that I want to highlight.


1st Jan 2014
It's new year! I did nothing special though.
But here's my New Year blog post.
Next day I had a funny dream LOL want to know what's the dream?
Find it on my Dayre @tanhuiping =P
Also, next few days I was packing and prepping for my HK trip!


4th - 7th Jan 2014
First trip of the year - Hong Kong!
Here's a photo I took in HK Disneyland.
P.S my experience in HK wasn't that great.
Like a lost sheep there cause I don't know Canto.
And erms there were a lot of China tourists!
Nonetheless will be blogging about the trip soon.
Still enjoyed the time spent with grandma and sister!

To add on, I had internet connection during the trip all thanks to Telcom Square!
It's my second time using their wifi device overseas!
Did a review for them before - Telecom Square Review!
Used this again in HK and it was great! The connection was really fast!
This device lasted me and my sis for 10hours.
I switched it on for the whole day and there were two devices connected to it.
I will share this again in my HK travelogue!

Btw, rental fee is FREE for the first day!
All other days at a flat rate of $12 per day with unlimited data :)
It's way cheaper compared to using your plan's data roaming which can easily cost $15 per day!
Also, if I am not wrong, Telecom Square is the only company that has the first day free offer!
And it's less troublesome too! Won't have to apply for roaming and stuff.
All you have to do is reserve one online, have it sent to your place or collect it before your flight,
when you are overseas, just switch of your 3G/4G and use your wifi!
Convenient much right?


11th Jan 2014
Went for a food tasting with Yingjie.
It's at a Food Court though. Didn't know till we arrived.
It's at Century Square.

Long queue though cause price is reasonable and their serving is really big!
We couldn't finish our food in the end! :/

They are having an on-going contest.

Food that we ordered that day!
We were told that 刀削面 Dao Xiao Mian is popular for this stall.
So we ordered one dry and one soup version.

刀削面 Dao Xiao Mian (Soup) with Chicken
This noodle tastes a lil like udon!
It's thick and has this thin layer around it.
I think this dish is not common elsewhere, right?

刀削面 Dao Xiao Mian (Stir-fried) with Seafood
Usual stir fried dish. The noodles felt a lil dry though.
I preferred the soup one!

P.S Both dishes above were of a super larger serving!
I could barely finish half a bowl (maybe cause it was early and I don't eat much in the morning).

Onion Pancake
Wanted to try cause some onion pancake don't have the strong onion smell.
This was full of onions. I don't like onion so I don't really like this dish.
Those who love onion will love it though.

Xiao Long Bao
I didn't really like the xiao long bao too.
A lil too dry to my liking. It's cheap though.

Photo with all the food :)

Ending this part off with a photo with Yingjie :)


12th Jan 2014
A day before school start, I did a K-drama review!
*copy and paste from Dayre*

So this holidays i watched 3 k-dramas.
1. Inheritors aka The Heirs
2. You've Fallen For Me aka Heartstrings
3. Marry Him If You Dare aka Future's Choice

I think 3 is enough for me to do a comparison/review? Hahas. Anyways I don't usually watch drama when school term starts cause I'm the kind who will watch all the way and neglect everything else :/ This is why I'm always able to complete dramas within 2-3 days.

If I have to ranked the 3 dramas I've watch,
1. Heartstrings
2. The Heirs
3. Future's Choice

P.S I will try not to give too much spoilers in this k-drama review/summary ;)

“1st: Heartstrings”

I actually love watching both heartstrings and the heirs as much. I placed heartstrings as the first cause it's music related. I love watching romance dramas and plus point if it's music related. Reason why I love "you're beautiful" and "dream high" too. The ratings for heartstrings isn't as high as the heirs but I love the performances in the drama! Yong Hwa is so charismatic when he is performing!

Love the songs performed by Yong Hwa and Shin Hye! The drama reminded me of my guzheng too. Sold it away a couple of years back cause I no longer played it and it was taking up too much space. Hahas. Anyways, it's the usual happy ending drama.

“2nd: The Heirs”

This drama is rather unrealistic. I mean what are the possibilities that someone would go head over heels after another person only after a day of meeting that person?! Love at first sight... but to this extent?!

But... that's also what I like about this drama. It's unique the drama started like that. Not every drama goes straight to the romance part! It's not draggy at all. That's a plus point for the drama. Anw that's why it is a drama, not meant to be realistic.

Lee Min Ho is really sweet in the drama! How to not fall in love with him? Lols. That drama has a strong cast team too! All their casts are so lovable!

Anyways the drama has got a nice OST too. Love the songs by Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. The songs are all used in the drama just that they were sort of like background music. And yes, another happy ending drama. I love dramas with happy endings!

“3rd: Future's Choice”

This was a definite 3rd out of the 3 dramas. Reason being it has a hanging ending! Everything infront was not bad. It's not the typical kind of drama and there are lots of twists. But the title is called mirae's choice and she didn't even make a choice? The future mirae did make a choice to take the risk and go back to the future to meet Kim Shin and she did survive it. But what about the past (another universe) Mi Rae?

Nonetheless, I choose to believe she ended up with Se Joo (Yong Hwa). Hahas I'm bias like that. And I choose to believe that cause he told her to keep the ring and she said that if he still wants her when he is back, he can put the ring on her again. This there's nth for me to spoil since she did not even make a choice!

Anyways I think it's somewhat a drama with a happy ending too (at least for the future Mi Rae).

So those are the 3 dramas I watched this holidays. School's starting tomorrow though I will not be going cause only lectures and the time slots are so far apart. Makes no sense for me to travel 4 hours just to attend one too.

Anyways, I enjoyed this holiday! Met up with most friends whom I want to meet (still got some whom I never get to meet though). Also, I enjoyed my Hong Kong trip :) Glad that sis and grandma liked the trip.

14th Jan 2014
Real first day of school!
Official is 13th but the lectures are too far apart.
So... I didn't go on monday hahas!
That day was also the first day I met my FYP prof!

Set up Ubuntu on my mac air! :)
Even till now I'm still more comfortable using mac for coding though,
Haven't really touched Ubuntu much :/
But the installation was mad troublesome!
Get mac parallel, install Ubuntu, files access grants, etc etc!


18th Jan 2014
Shopping day at Topshop!
*copy and paste from Dayre*

Ended up spending close to $60 at topshop! So much for saying that I'm gonna save money.

The $13 for 3 midi ring LOL. Bought a cardi too that's why it added up to almost $60. And i bought another of the $13 ring after that. Oh wells. Save up my CNY ang bao instead lols.

Parents went to yishun and my maternal grandma bought me what I've been craving for days! Tofu w cucumber w pork floss w sweet chili sauce! Yummy!

27th Jan 2014
Skipped school, wanted to rest but end up running errands with daddy.

Managed to get my favorite laksa though - Sungei Road Laksa!


28th Jan 2014
Visited MUFE Make Up School for a lesson.
After that I went to change my hair color.
Final look (makeup+hair)


30th Jan 2014
Chinese New Year Eve!
*copy and paste from Dayre*

Brunch with Xinci at Eggs and Berries! After that the two of us went shopping hahas.

I bought this. $69 only!! After disc $55.60 only. And it's pink! How to not buy it right?

Xinci got a pair of shoes from Polo Ralph Lauren too hahas.

Reunion dinner! Just one corner of the table cause my family was hungry and they startes eating already. Well... I also forgot to take a photo initially hahas.
Then at night I did my nails and that was very much what I did!


That's all for my first Month in Photos!
Will blog about CNY Day 1 and Day 2 in another post :)

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