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My Skin Care Journey with DRx #9

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Update on 8 May 2017: 
It has been more than 3 years since I last visited DRx clinic. Those who read this post or wrote in to ask about DRx would know that I am no longer visiting DRx clinic. In addition, posts #1 to 8 were removed as requested by Ministry of Health (MOH) as DRx Clinic is not allowed to do such forms of advertising which I was unaware of.

Hello all! I'm back with another post for DRx Clinic.
I've been with DRx for more than a year.
And this post will be my last post for DRx Clinic!

It has been a year long journey with them...
Here is a summary
of my full skin care journey with DRx!


<before and after photos removed due to regulations on sponsored clinic reviews>

After a year with DRx, my skin did improve,  
I used have frequent breakouts last time but no longer have them as frequently now, 
also my skin color is a lot lighter and more even (not as much redness already).

BUT Okays I know some of you will compare with my previous post
and say that my skin was better in post #8.
Why the sudden breakout in my recent photo?
There is an explanation for it :/ Long story. But to cut the long story short...
I went to HK, skin became dry skin due to the weather there,
I ran out of my DRx products too and they took a month before giving me an appointment.
I finally got an appointment at DRx on Valentine's day but it was a little too late.
Currently back to using their products!


Here is my updated list of products! :)

I'm suppose to use BC (Blemish Cleanser) 
but they say it has been out of stock for 3 months and still not in stock yet. 
So they changed it to No.1 (Foaming Cleanser) for me.

ASL is still not in stock so I got BG instead
I prefer ASL to BG though. BG seems too drying for my skin. 
My skin always end up peeling after using it :( 
It has been almost half a year since they ran out of the product.

This time I'm prescribed to take a medicine to control oil
I've never taken any medicine at DRx in the past. 
Not much side effects except Dizziness. 
I tried the pills and it did make me drowsy. 
It's stated on it too. I'm told to take two in the morning and two at night. 
I have to go to school in the morning and I don't think I can keep taking this pill :(

Also, I was asked me to use the AB Gel again
It's for photo damaged skin. 
If you read my past posts, I was told to use AB Gel at the start. 
But somewhere in-between, I was told to stop using it cause my skin became better. 
Now I need to use it again! I guess this means that my skin became worse :(

And one last thing hahas. Number 3 and 4 are removed from my routine
They are meant for lightening.

The rest of the products are the same but it is just back to basics to control my acne again. 
I bold the changes so you all know the exact changes in my routine :)


On a side note, since I no longer blog for DRx,
I might not be able to answer anymore DRx questions.
That's all for this post! :)


  1. Hey Katelyn, i read alot on your post about the Drx clinic, but one thing i want to ask is do Drx clinic accept paying by nets? or by cash? And how much should i prepare if i want to go for consulatations? Cause i got my own budget for it :X Thanks alot :)

    1. Below SGD500, do you think it's enough? thanks:) x

    2. Hellos, I'm not sure if they accept NETS but I guess they should? Cause they now no longer have free consultations so I guess the price for a full set of product+consultation should go to about 400+.

      Since you are on a budget, you might want to keep a lookout for my next post (should be up later today) cause I got a free consultation quote there. First consultations usually cost about $50. So that should save you a bit of money. But it's not DRx Clinic though.