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Magic Shop Workshop Event

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Visited Magic Shop @ Far East Plaza for an event very long ago.
Only posted now cause we need to have the green light before we can post ;)

This shop sells lots of products from Taiwan!
From makeup to skincare to body products!


They have lots of makeup their - lip products, powder, eyeliners, makeup removers, etc.
Here's some...

They demo-ed this eyeliner there and it seems really good.
It's really smudgeproof and waterproof!
It's not an auto liner though. So you will have to sharpen it.

Four colors available for different purposes!
This product can be used on it's own or mixed with foundation.
I believe it can act as a primer too ;)


If you think they have a lot of makeup, they have a even wider range of skincare.
Their products target a wide range of skin types!

One of their star products (of course I had to get it too)
It is said to help reduce pimples and redness :)
They tried it on my skin that day and it almost instantly helped reduced some redness.

A wide range of products suited for various skin types.
Some of which even received certification in taiwan!

Another popular skincare product in their shop!


Body Products
They have lesser body products in their shop.

I think we tried endless love that day and it smells not bad!


Here's a photo taken with yingjie (photo credits to her)!
Note: Photo taken 3 months ago! That's why our hair color was like this :/

Magic Shop
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza, #01-83

Enquiries: 67323137
Whatsapp: 97217789
(Retail hours: 12pm- 9.30pm)

Quote "Katelyn" + LIKE Magic Shop's Facebook Page to get a 10% off storewide!
Promotion ends 30th april 14. Do check out their monthly giveaways on their fb page too :)

(Free local normal postage, limited time only)

That's all for this post! :)

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  1. nice impressions! you look beautiful!
    do you want to follow each other? it would be so nice <3