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[Review] Starlash and Tokyo Lash Collection

Monday 21 April 2014

Received some lashes from Starlash sometime back!
Will be reviewing two in this blog post.


Starlash is a brand under Beauty Direct. Beauty Direct started off in 2007 representing a number of salon labels. They are the distributor for multiple salons across Singapore, Malaysia and all around the world for waxing, eyelash extensions and nail products.

Star Lash Series, including Tokyo Lash Collection,  is a range of premium eyelashes made with the best synthetic fibre. Star Lash is soft and light and feels just like your natural eyelashes. The eyelash band of every pair is made soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. Star Lash is re-usable, making sure you look like a Star everytime you wear them!


DB21: Pretty premium lashes for special occasions!
This pair of lashes is of very good quality and hence can be reused many times! In addition, the eyelash bands are durable yet soft and comfortable. Each box contains only one pair of lashes and can be found on beauty direct at $8.90 each. I don't normally wear lashes but will definitely keep this for special occasions!


TL002: Natural lashes for your first job!
This pair of lashes is perfect for those who want a fresh and awake look! Of course it does not necessarily have to be for work. I feel that it works well as a pair of everyday lashes. The lashes are really light and the lash bone is super thin, flexible and yet durable! Each box contains three pairs of lashes and can be found on beauty direct at $20.90 per box.


That's all for this review.
P.S I will be having starlash products in my upcoming giveaway! :)

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