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Celebrity Style: Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Sunday 26 October 2014

Emma Watson | SNSD Jessica | Selena Gomez

Regardless whether there is a need to hide a no-makeup face or to prevent getting recognized by the paparazzi, I guess a celebrity's best friend has got to be a pair of shades! For instance, just like most of us, many celebrities choose to take their flights with little to no makeup. Trouble comes when you have a whole lot of fans waiting for you at the exit! So in order to hide their barefaces, a pair of oversized shades has become a staple in many celebrities' airport fashion! One popular design amongst the celebrities would definitely be Ray-Ban's Original Wayfarer, worn by Emma Watson, Jessica Jung and Selena Gomez in the banner above.

Well... I'm no celebrity but I got myself two pairs from SHOPBOP! Singapore is so sunny! How can anyone live without a pair of shades right? And since I'm getting a pair of shades, I might as well get a pretty pair! ;) To be honest, I have been eyeing Ray-Ban's wayfarers for a long time. Sadly, each pair easily goes over $300 in Singapore. But... lucky for all of us cause you can now get them from SHOPBOP at only US$155 (about SG$200)!

Actually I bought the Original Wayfarer first. But... they were too big for me and ended up resting on my cheeks. So I ended up buying the New Wayfarer. Really love the oversized look of the original wayfarer though :/ I think I'm gonna either give it away or return it to SHOPBOP cause they do free returns! :) Oh and I wore both pairs and showed my mummy and she was like "what's the difference" lols! They look really similar just that the Original one is slightly longer in height, making it not suitable for those with fuller cheeks.

Time to visit SHOPBOP to get your sunglasses!
P.S SHOPBOP has other sunglass brands like
Alexander McQueen, Super Sunglasses, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Tory Burch!
Happy shopping! :)

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