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My Month In Photos (Sept 2014)

Sunday 5 October 2014

So in September, I've been going out quite frequently!
I've also been shopping for winter stuffs for my January Korea Winter Trip!
Have been also spending time on my FYP too. In short, I haven't been studying :/
Good thing is out of my 3 mods, I have been attending all the lectures for 1 mod religiously.
That way, I only have 2 mods to catch lols (2/3 is actually a lot opps).

Also, I signed up for the Hello Kitty 5K Run with Jocelyn and
21.1K Standard Chartered Marathon with the easties.
Now I'm wondering how I will survive the 21.1K run lols.


Wednesday, 10th September 2014
Met up with the busy girls (Felicia and Cheryl)!

We had dinner at The Sushi Bar followed by matcha crepe cake at ION!
P.S The chocolate flavor one is still way nicer hahas.

Anyways we ended up STANDING at ION basement and chat there for like 3 hours hahahas.
By the end of it we were like "legs aching already lehh" :/


Sunday, 14th September 2014
Lunch with Xinci at Yoogane!

This girl got really busy after she started working!
We had wanted to lunch and decide on the korea travel dates.
Managed to settle the date and after that we went shopping!


Friday, 15th September 2014
I managed to solve my mobile site problems!
Updated as of 15th Sept!

✓ Resize all youtube video iframes to 100% width automatically
Finally found the code for this!

✓ Resize Nuffnang's unresponsive advert banners
I cheated LOL.
Instead of resizing the banners, I resized the screen :/

✓ Resize new photos to 100% width
Ended up adjusting max-width instead.
Cause my older photos are of different widths.

So all done! Not gonna make any more changes to my blog layout =P
The next time you see a change, I guess it will only be the blog banner photo hahas.
In need of new banner photos!


Saturday, 20th September 2014
Winter Korea trip planning with my friends!

Lava cake from Starbucks. Yums!

Happy that planning for the Korea trip is about 50% done!
Seoul, Ski Resort, Jeju!
✔︎ SG-Seoul Flight
✔︎ Hanok in Seoul
✔︎ Apartment in Seoul
✔︎ Ski Resort Hotel
✔︎ Seoul-Jeju Flight
✔︎ Jeju Apartment
The remaining 50% shall be the detailed itinerary.
That can wait though hahas.
Anw we booked our apartments using AirBNB :)
If you are thinking of renting an apartment for your trip,
here's $32 credits for you to use on AirBNB!
They offer apartment rentals in many different countries!
Cause 3 of us were booking, we used each other's referrals and saved $64 hahas #budget

I have no idea what to prep, wear and bring! I've never travelled during winter before hahas.
And I think I will have a hard time planning what to pack when the time comes.
Cause we only have 23kg+7kg baggage allowance!


Sunday, 21st September 2014
Met up with my ex-colleagues from Medtronic!
The last time we met was at Jingshun's wedding I think?

Went to Yinghao's place to place with his baby!
His baby is so cute and totally not scared of strangers one hahas.
One cute and curious baby.

Ended the day with dinner at Watami.
We ordered this hot pot set that was supposed to feed 4 but end up 5 of us had a hard time finishing it.
Conculusion. It's meant to feed 4 super hungry guys lols.
Hmm maybe also cause the baby woke up from his nap halfway.
So Yh and his wifey couldn't really eat properly too.


Saturday, 27th September 2014
Attended THEFACESHOP 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration at 1-Altitude!
The view from 1-Altitude is really nice and it's not bad a place for events or to chill.
Sadly it is a club on normal days hahahas.

OOTD for the day!

Was with Yingjie, Theresa, Eileen, Angie and Joyce that day.
After the event we went to Xin Wang for dinner and ended up chatting there till 1+am!
Hahahas. This is what happen when you have a group of girls together =P


Tuesday, 30th September 2014
A day to pamper my face at IDS!
Haven't gone back the last two months cause I was quite busy :/
I had a breakout but the Clear10 solved everything so I waited till I ran out of products lols.
End up I ran out of Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Clear10 hahahas!
Restocked some stuffs and got new products too.
Will be blogging about it soon ;)


Beauty Product of the Month
- 3CE Lippies -
They are so long lasting! Gonna get a few more when I go to Korea! :)
Been using #506 Daily Lady (left) more than #501 Bella (right) though.
I think #506 is a more wearable color but #501 is so pretty too!
Been rather into reddish plum lippies lately.
That color looks so nice on all the youtubers in their fall makeup videos!


Music of the Month
- Tears Are Also Love by Baek Ah Yeon -

This song is from the drama "Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire". Listened to this song a couple of times in the drama and really liked the song! Came across this drama on MioTV and found it not bad hence I decided to get all 32 episodes so I could watch it without having to wait for them weekly. The kid actors/actresses really had quite a chemistry and I ended up liking the drama more and more! I completed 20 episodes in about 2 days. Started on Monday evening and by Wednesday evening I was already at episode 20 hahas.

All was fine till a thought came to my mind... The drama reminded me of another dynasty drama that I watched, one which had a sad ending! Since the intro of this drama kept stating that this drama was funded by Ministry of culture, etc. I thought it might be related to some korean culture/history. True enough, most characters were "created" based on history/culture (even how the characters were supposed to be portrayed).  *warning drama spoilers ahead*

Went to read up on Prince Gwanghae's history and realized that Jungyi wasn't one of his queen/consort/anything. So I went to search on Jungyi's character and ended up on wikipedia. It is true that Korea had their first ceramist in the Joseon Dynasty. She wasn't called Yoo Jungyi though, her name was Baek Pa Sun and she that ended up going to Japan (meaning she won't end up with the prince). It's ok if she doesn't end up with the prince but... at least end up with her orabeoni? Went to search on Baek Pa Sun's history and she was supposed to end up with Kim Tae Do. She ended up in Japan but as Mrs Kim Tae Do! Then I came across a couple of spoilers online and... they said tae do died?! Fast forward the whole drama to the last 5mins and she really left alone! Well, curiosity kills - at least it killed this drama. And sry by reading this chunk of stuff that I wrote, I think I spoiled the drama for you too.

Anyways from then on, I wanted to watch the drama as slowly as possible :/ I didn't want the sad ending to come!!! Kept whining to my poor roomie and that was when she realized who the casts were and told me Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum dated in real life after filming! Sort of a consolation? At least something good happened from the drama? But... they broke up a few months ago -.- fml. Btw I completed the drama on Monday evening. The last episode was omg T.T

Conclusion. The drama was really not bad. I really like the first half of the drama! There are funny scenes, romance scenes, etc. A nice mix of everything. But from episode 20+ onwards it did get a lil draggy when they focused too much on the revenge though. Not sure if it was cause I was trying to drag the drama too :/ But seriously, if not for the sad ending, I would have liked the drama more! If you want it to be a cultural drama, why change the ending? At least let Jungyi and Taedo be together?! :( If you had done that, I won't even mind if you dragged the drama to 100 episodes and show how they lived in Japan -.- P.S Sry for all the rants but I really really really wanted this drama to have a happy ending :(

Anyways because of the sad drama, I ended up watching Korean version of Fated to Love You. Needed a drama with a happy ending lols. But then... the Taiwan version is still nicer :/
This Korea version was not bad but I think some parts quite anti-climax?

Random but don't you think Lee Sang Yoon (top: from The Goddess of Fire) and Jang Huk (bottom: from Fated to Love You) look alike? I think they look similar from certain angles!!!

Hahas okays end of this long long post!
Hope October will be a good one and December please come soon! :)

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