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THEFACESHOP 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration

Sunday 9 November 2014

Attended thefaceshop's 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration at 1-Altitude!
It's to celebrate having sold 1 million pieces from their award-winning Raspberry Roots range!

[From Press Release]
Specially developed to resist the effects of time, the THEFACESHOP’s award winning Raspberry Roots line is infused with pure Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots extracts to strengthen and repair the elastin fibers deep within. Containing 3 best sellers- Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask, Raspberry Roots Depuffying Eye Gel and Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch, this all-time favourite range lifts and re-contours skin lacking in resilience while counteracting the oxidative damage of free radicals.

An oasis of comfort for devitalized and dehydrated skin, THEFACESHOP’s Raspberry Roots line quenches even the thirstiest of skins, restoring an ideal moisture balance for a soft and supple texture whilst boosting cellular renewal for a healthy looking glow.

Here are their prices:
Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask 100ml/ $25.90
Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel 20ml/ $25.90
Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch 2 sets/ $8.90

I quite liked the atmosphere in Altimate @ 1-Altitude!
Seems like not a bad place to chill but that's only it's quiet like that everyday.
Too bad it's actually a club hahas.
After the event ended we stayed and chilled there for quite some time
before heading to xin wang for dinner and to continue with our chats lols.

At such a pretty place... how can I not take a selfie right? Hahas.
New profile picture! :)

Took photos with Eileen, Yingjie and Theresa too!
I need a wefie camera though!
The max number of people my camera can squeeze is 2/3! :/

Outfit of the Day
Top: 65Daigou
Skirt: Cotton On
Wedges: Kiyo

Thanks to Eileen for helping me take this ootd photo!
Btw Altimate is located on the 61st floor at One Raffles Place so the view is really good!

Goodies received that day.
Can't wait to try these products, especially the eye patch and depuffying gel!
Been sleeping very late lately and my eye bags are horrible :/

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