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3 Reasons for Students to Take Up a Part Time Job

Wednesday 10 June 2015

As the title says, 3 reasons why you should take up part time jobs in Singapore during your summer break:

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1. Build your portfolio
It's always better to start building your portfolio early. If you already know what type of job you want in the future, then good for you! Start taking up related part time jobs to build your portfolio. That 1 year of added experience might come in handy some day!

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2. Get exposed to the working world
It's your chance to try different types of job and know what you really like to do! I don't think you would want to have the record of switching full-time jobs every 3 months right? So summer is the time for you to try each job for a short period of 3 months! See how the working world is like. Experience how working is like!

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3. Earn some pocket money
Not sure about you, but I don't receive any allowance during the school holidays. I will just have to live with what I saved during the school term hahas. So instead of relying on your savings, why not earn some pocket money right? Also you can start saving up for an awesome grad trip! ;)

That said, I only did a part time job in the past (after my A levels). All my summer breaks in uni were used to travel or to stay at home cause it can be quite troublesome to find a part time job :/ All you lucky people though, cause you can now easily find part time jobs singapore positions or rather part time jobs for students on portals! So why not just try one right? ;)

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