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[Review] JYSK Skin Solutions Diamond Dust Perfector

Monday 22 February 2016

I'm back with a product review and this time it's a product that I really love and have been using for months! It's IDS Diamond Dust Perfector (DD Cream), an exclusive product from JYSK Skin Solutions that works in seconds, instantly improves skin tone and reduces redness. It can be applied to the face, hands, neck or any external part of the body. [From JYSK Skin Solutions]

This DD cream is said to be able to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, smoothen and mattify the skin and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hard to believe cause it sounds like a miracle product right? Trust me, I was a little skeptical too cause it sounded so miraculous but it is really true! And... there are a lot of "undeclared" benefits too. Continue reading the review to find out more! ;)

How to use:
• When using Diamond Dust Perfector™ without make-up, apply after your moisturizer. Pat a small amount of Diamond Dust Perfector™ quickly and gently, covering the desired area; do not rub.
• When using Diamond Dust Perfector™ with liquid foundation pat gently and quickly (do not rub) over top of your foundation for a flawless, camera-ready finish.
• For dry to very dry skin mix Diamond Dust Perfector™ with your moisturizer and apply by patting in gently.

Now, ready for my review?

The IDS Diamond Dust Perfector (DD Cream) is...
• Lightweight
• Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores
• Non-flaky and non-patchy (just be sure not to over apply)
• Non-yellowish and brightens the skin
• Non-oily and non-sticky
• Covers some redness
• Smoothen and mattify the skin
• Long lasting

All of the points mentioned are true. and above is a photo of how my skin looked with DD cream applied! It is really lightweight, non-flaky, non-patchy, non-yellowish, brightens skin, non-oily and non-sticky. It does minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, my pores really "disappeared" when I stand infront of the mirror (of course you don't go super up close and see else you would still see them).  I can't say much about softening fine lines and wrinkles but they do cover some hyper pigmentation and redness even when I apply only a tiny layer on my skin. It drys smooth and matte but I just have a habit of applying powder to make it extra smooth. And... this product is really long lasting! On a usual work day I'm out for at least 13 hours and when I look at myself in the mirror, my skin still looks okay. When I remove makeup, my cotton pads are always fully covered with the DD cream! That is how long lasting the product is even though I only use like not even half a pump. For those with acne issues, this product didn't cause any breakout on my sensitive skin! So I think all of you should be happy to hear that! ;)

Here's my comparison photos. The photo on the left shows how I looked like the moment I applied, the one on the right shows how I looked like 8 hours later. As you can see, most of my makeup was still on!

I usually apply the DD cream on my usual work day when I just want a simple and fast base makeup. 1) Cleanse my face
2) Apply all my skincare
3) Spot conceal my hyper pigmentations
4) Apply a thin layer of DD cream on my whole face
5) Finish with my microfinish powder


You can get the special 30ml limited edition bottle at S$90 now while they are still available cause afterwhich, it will only be available in 10ml packaging at $43.50. To purchase IDS Diamond-Dust Perfector online, please email sales@jyskskinsolutions.com!

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