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How to Subtly Rock Couple Outfits [Beachwear Edition]

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Ever had the thought of wearing a couple wear with your loved one but slid it off cause either one of you felt it might be too childish/cliche? Here's some ideas of how you can subtly rock a couple beachwear outfits!

1) Colour Co-ordinate
You have to wear the exact same tops and/or bottoms to have a couple look, said no one ever. All you have to do is to simple colour co-ordinate. It's up to you to decide if you want to co-ordinate the colour of your tops and/or bottoms. For us, we went with a full colour co-ordination since I got a dress in black and nude colours and he had a black top and nude coloured berms!

2) Get Matchy Shades
Shades are one of the easiest accesorries to match. You can choose to have the exact same shades (since most are unisex) or choose two similar looking ones to suit your face!

With a wide range of shades available at SmartBuyGlasses, you are bound to find the perfect pair of matchy shades for you and your other half! Some shades are not unisex and my bf and I didn't want the exact same shades so we can swap if we want to. So we got Marc By Marc Jacobs MMJ 409/S 6WH/EU (Ladies) and Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin 601/8G (Unisex). They both have black frames and grey gradient lenses!

What's more, you can even try on the shades virtually! For those who might be worried if they are authentic, you can find the authenticity certification on their website and they are shipped directly from Hong Kong, Shanghai or Italy depending on availability at their warehouses.

3) Go Barefoot Together
No worries if you don't have matchy slippers. You are on the beach, just go barefooted and enjoy a slow and relaxing walk on the soft sand!

That's all for this post! Enjoy your beach holiday with your loved one! :)

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