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Stay Cool with Summer Fabrics!

Wednesday 16 August 2017

Singapore's weather being summer all year round is no secret. But did you know, your choice of fabric can help keep you cool? Try choosing these fabric types to help keep you cool and stay comfy through the heat.

Time to shop for some new outfits for a cooling summer, whether you are in Singapore or any other parts of the world! ;)
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This natural fiber is lightweight and comfortable! It allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric, making heat more bearable. However, this material does absorbs sweat which is good and bad. It's good as it removes moisture from your skin but bad as your outfit turning heavy and clinging to your skin. If you are using this fabric, choose one that is thinner so the fabric dries faster!

This fabric is a great alternative for Denim lovers, get the look minus the thickness! Both Chambray and Denim fabrics are made of the similar coloured yarn but woven with different constructions. Chambray has a finer weave, hence making it a more breathable fabric compared to denim. 

Ending this post with another natural fiber with a light porous weave that allows maximum breathability, allowing heat to escape away from your body. Same as cotton, this fabric is highly absorbent hence it removes moisture from your skin quickly. However, as it can be stiff, it won't cling to your body.

P.S: Avoid clothing with Polyester lining as this water-repellant fabric keeps all the sweat in instead of releasing it!

P.S.S: To add a feminine touch to your outfit, consider adding some lace details to it. If you are looking for some, you can consider some lovely Chantilly Lace from Tissura, they've got a wide collection there.

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