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#OOTD: Winter Wonderland in Korea

Thursday 30 November 2017

Denims are a must have for me during winter. You might be thinking why denim, since it is not the best material for cold and wet weather. That's because... I only own denim jeans hahahas, yes, the only type of pants I own other than work pants. Also, I like fitting skinny jeans for winter cause I'm fat and wearing layers only makes things worse. In addition, denims are easy to match!

If it's really cold, I will wear a pair of slim thermal wear underneath (yes, heat techs) or buy a pair with an inner fleece layer. Trust me, the fleece layer will keep you really really warm. P.S Uniqlo Fleece Tops are a must-have for me for winter trips! 

OOTD #1: Classic Winter

Jacket: Black down jacket
Top: Sky blue uniqlo heat tech fleece
Bottoms: Blue denim jeans
Shoes: Wedge boots

OOTD #2: Bright Winter

Jacket: Red down jacket
Top: Long sleeves top
Bottoms:Black denim jeans
Scarf: Cream knitted scarf
Hat: Knitted hat
Shoes: Wedge boots

OOTD #3: Casual Winter

Jacket: Green military parka with fleece layer
Top: Cream uniqlo heat tech fleece
Bottoms: Blue denim jeans with fleece layer
Shoes: Sneakers

All said, do get a thick pair of jeans if you are wearing it for winter. If you would like to customize a pair, you can check out the available cotton denim fabric on Tissura too. That's all for this post. Hope it helps your winter ootd planning! 

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