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[Event] Launch of IDS Skincare’s Neulastin and The Honest Campaign

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Did you know that wrinkles, acne and pigmentation spots are all skin wounds? IDS Skincare developed and launched Neulastin, a wound healer to enhance absorption and deliver active ingredients in selected products with an added 'repair and restore' property! It works to stimulate elastin and collagen production for effective skin repair to help your skin recover as much as possible to its ground zero state.

Above is a photo of Dr SK Tan, IDS Founder and Medical Director, sharing with us more about the new Neulastin at the launch event!

So what exactly is Neulastin?
Developed and patented by IDS, Neulastin is a propriety and curated blend of highly active ingredients which include...
Hyaluronic Acid to maintain the hydration and elasto-viscosity levels of tissues, while supporting epidermal (deep tissue) hydration
Collagen to provide the matrix that sustains the body's structure, and is responsible for skin strength and elasticity
Elastin to help connective tissues "snap back" to their original shape after being stretched or contracted
Adenosine to treat wrinkles and achieve smoother, firmer and more even skin
Zinc and Magnesium to encourage the support of the underlying structure of the skin, enhance the healing process and reduce signs of aging
ENHANCE Delivery System, IDS Skincare's licensed patented delivery system that facilitates that absorption of active ingredients into the skin

Which are the selected products with Neulastin?
IDS Skincare's Eye Rescue (ER), Fair Complex (FC), Rejuventing Complex Plus (RC+), Blemish Clear (BC), Pore Formula (PF), Intensive Moisturizer (IM) and Rejuvenating Complex (RC) have been improved with the new Neulastin. If you are wondering why such a good product is not included in all products, it's because Neulastin is very expensive (needless to say since it has so much goodness in it) and the selected products are the ones which will work best with Neulastin (no point putting it in a cleanser and washing it off after 10 seconds).

Are you someone who looks at ingredients before using a product? To be honest, I'm not and I'm glad IDS skincare launched the Honest Campaign to raise awareness on what goes behind product formulations! Here are 3 little-known facts that can be easily obscured by marketing claims!

#1 "Chemical-free" doesn't mean a thing
According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a chemical is "any basic substance that is used in or produced by a reaction involving changes to atoms or molecules". So... it's basically everything, even water (h2o)! And if you didn't know, all-natural ingredients might be more dangerous cause they are less stable! So what matters is that a product contains the right kind of chemicals for your skin!

#2 Most skincare products contain similar ingredients
Depending on its function, almost every skincare product uses the same active ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, Niacinamide to improve skin appearance and Vitamin C to fight free radicals. What's different is the amount of important ingredients added and how effectively these active ingredients are absorbed into the skin.

#3 "100% organic" does not mean it's safer or better for you
When an ingredient is organically grown, it means it was farmed using a specific system that aims to avoid the use of synthetic and harmful pesticides, fertilisers, growth regulators and additives. Even wild poison ivy is considered organic, so what you should focus on instead should be whether or not the ingredients are clinical-grade and safe for use.

Above is a video for the campaign, which I participated in! Neulastin was formulated with all these in mind, for the benefits of IDS Skincare users. It features safe, effective and time-honoured "chemicals", such as hyaluronic acid, adenosine and elastin, includes a patented delivery system for effective absorption of active ingredients into the skin and IDS uses only clinical-grade ingredients that cater to all skin types, and are proven by scientific research.

I've been using IDS Skincare for about 6 years now and would highly recommend that you give it a try too. There are just so many products that work really effectively! If you are keen, you can check out the products for yourself at Metro Paragon, M Beauty Causeway Point, Metro Centrepoint, Robinsons The Heeren and IDS Clinic @ Novena Specialist Center. You can also purchase directly on www.idsskincare.com/shop and enjoy $5 off purchases above $80 with promo code "katelyn5" or $25 off purchases above $250 with promo code "katelyn25". Happy trying out the new products!

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