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Katelyn's Zenyum Experience: 6-Months Update and QNA

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Here's an update which many of you have been asking for. Just to share, I will publish an update once every 2 months so you will roughly know when to expect the next post. Also, I've been travelling quite a bit after my wedding so here's a little more about how it's like to travel with Zenyum invisible braces.

1. Any updates on the Zenyum treatment after wearing for 6 months? (Dec to Jun 2019)
My teeth are still straightening according to plan and the photo was taken at the start of set 9, after my 2nd follow up appointment with my dentist. I noticed some staining between my teeth and told my dentist about it. So for those who are experiencing stainings, perhaps due to coffee/tea or drinking using straws with aligners on, do remember to rinse your mouth after taking your drinks! It's actually something very common with invisible braces and my dentist helped me get rid of the stains! :)

2. Was it troublesome to travel with invisible braces?
To be honest, yes. Cause when I travel, I always eat on the go, between sightseeing. It's a little troublesome for me to have to remove my braces, brush my teeth, and put it on again. So what I do when I travel is to wear it for about 12 hours, right after I return to the hotel till my first meal the next day! When I do this, I will usually wear the aligner set for more than 5 days to compensate for it. P.S. it's the same for all invisible braces.

3. Since you are supposed to change to a new set every 5 days, how do you track when to change your invisible braces?
For this, I have my trusty app! It reminds me to change my braces every five days. After changing to a new set, I'm also reminded to send a photo (via the app) to my dentist so he can see if everything is good.

4. Is it very painful to wear the invisible braces?
I don't think it is, at least for me. It depends on the amount of correction your teeth require and how your treatment was planned. Usually the ache is stronger on the first two days and only after you remove your braces. By the 3rd day, I usually don't feel any discomfort unless I haven't been wearing it for at least 22 hours a day.

5. Did the invisible braces cause any gum irritation?
I only experienced gum irritation once. I raised the issue in the app with my dentist and was advised to trim the braces myself because it seemed like the cut was a little too high for my gum. Other than that, I don't experience any gum irritation *touch wood*.

That's all for this post, if you have any other questions, feel free to send them to me via email or leave a comment below! For those who are keen to undergo the teeth straightening treatment, you can use my Zenyum promo code "Katelyn50" in your first email interaction with them to enjoy $50 off your aligners!


  1. Hi, were your dentist appointments an additional charge on top of the total Zenyum package? Or inclusive?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply as there were some issues with the comments function on my phone. The process is usually monitored via the app and there may be 1-2 checks at the dental clinic during treatment which are inclusive. Do note that it's purely for a review and it does not include any cleaning or whitening.

      If you are interested in Zenyum, you can quote "Katelyn50" for an additional $50 off! :)

  2. Hi Kate, I am interested in getting zenyum, would really appreciate if you can answer these 2 questions,
    1. After 6 months, your teeth appear straighter, but I can see that there's still ways to go until it's fully straight. May I know what is the duration you have to wear zenyum braces? 9 months?

    2. I've been told that after the teeth were straighten, you will need to wear 'retainer', do you need to wear 'retainer' for life?


    1. Hi, my treatment was supposed to be about 7 months long but I haven't been on schedule. I have a few sets left so I will most probably need to use it for 2 to 3 more months.

      Yes I will need to wear a retainer after the treatment. I was told that I need to wear the retainers every night for the first year. After that, I can gradually reduce the frequency. Studies have shown that the teeth positions become fairly stable after 5 years so I might not even need to wear retainers after that. But they still recommend wearing the retainers 1 to 2 times a week when I go to sleep.