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Soft Double Bamboo Baby Wear from Sunday Hug

Sunday 25 December 2022

Recently I carted out some really soft bamboo outfit from Sunday Hug for the little one! It's from their newly launch Double Bamboo Series. These double bamboo outfits are made with 60% Bamboo and 40% Premium Korean Cotton. They are really soft, stretchy, cooling, breathable and sweat absorbing - the perfect material for the little ones! The little one love it so much, he coming over to touch the clothes while I was taking photos!

These are the items I got and even the 100% cotton ones are really comfy too! 
  • Baby Romper, Long Sleeves (Bamboo) - The snap buttons are really convenient, secured and comfortable to button on. 
  • Baby Bodysuit, Long Sleeves (Bamboo) - Love this bodysuit! It's a classic one-piece bodysuit that's so comfy and versatile! The colour is very apt for autumn too. 
  • Triple-layered Baby Sleep Sack (Bamboo) - It's a little thick but perfect if the little one sleeps in air-conditioned room. 
  • Baby Jacket with Hood - Love this hoodie! It's loose so you can easily layer up for cold weather and the thickness is just nice for hot weather too! 
  • Baby Long-sleeved Top and Pants - Really comfy PJs that even toddlers can fit in. 
Do check out their full range of products on sundayhug.com if you are looking for comfortable outfits for your little ones!

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