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3 Must-Have from Hafele for Smarter Living in Small BTOs

Saturday 6 July 2024

We were thrilled to collect our keys, but also faced the classic challenges of small-space living. We wanted a home that was not just functional, but also smart and stylish. That's why Hafele came to our minds and we visited their showroom to check out the full range they have to offer. Their innovative home accessories have transformed our tiny apartment into a space we truly love. 

Here are the three game-changers we couldn't live without!

Lento Pull-Down Dish Rack: A Lifesaver for Shorter Folks (and Anyone Who Hates Tiptoes!)

I'm not the tallest person (only 160cm), and reaching the top rack of our old dish drainer was a daily struggle. The Lento pull-down rack has been a total game-changer. With a gentle tug, the top rack lowers to eye level, making loading and unloading dishes on to both tiers a breeze. It's much safer now, cause no more tiptoes or dropped plates! 

Why get it? 
• Easy access: Perfect for anyone under 1.75cm or those with mobility concerns. 
• Anti-slip design: Keeps dishes secure, even when the rack is lowered. 
• Water drain sheet: Protects your carpentry from water damage. 

Top Flex: The Secret Weapon for Tiny Kitchens 

If your kitchen counter space disappears the moment you start cooking, you NEED the Top Flex. The Mr owns the kitchen and one thing he hates about small kitchens is the lack of table top space. When he is cooking, he needs everything to be places nicely and easy to reach. This ingenious fold-out countertop extension gives us the extra prep space in a flash, then neatly tucks away when we're done. It's sturdy, durable, and a total lifesaver for small kitchens. 

Why get it? 
• Instant extra space: Perfect for meal prep, baking, or small appliances. 
• Space-saving: Tucked away like a drawer when not in use. 
• Sturdy and durable: Holds up to heavy items well. 

Door and Gate Smart Locks: Ditching the Keys, Embrace the Future 

Tired of fumbling for keys while juggling groceries and kids? Our kid wants us to carry all the time, especially after a long day out. We always have trouble digging for keys and opening the doors. Hafele's smart locks have made our entryway keyless and stress-free! With options for fingerprint, PIN code, keycard, or even your smartphone, getting into our home has never been easier. You only need to scan your fingerprint once to unlock both the door and gate. Plus, it adds a sleek, modern touch to our front door. 

Why get it? 
• Multiple access options: Choose the method that works best for you. 
• Convenient for all ages: Everyone gets their own access code or fingerprint. 
• Enhanced security: No more worrying about lost or stolen keys. 

Inspired to create your own convenient, smart and stylish home? Visit Hafele's Singapore showroom or browse their online store (www.hafele.com.sg) or find them on Lazada for a wide range of innovative products. Their team is incredibly helpful and can guide you to the perfect solutions for your needs. 

Hafele's clever home accessories have truly transformed our living space, making it more efficient, enjoyable, and tailored to our lifestyle. If you're looking to upgrade your home, I highly recommend checking out their products – you won't be disappointed!

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