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天下父母心 episode 311! :)

Sunday 22 May 2011

Remember me mentioning in the mother's day post that my family loves watching this drama called 
<天下父母心>? We finally finished watching the last episode (episode 311) on MioTV! We watched the full show in hokkien (台语)! :) Learnt hokkien from my grandma since I was young! I didn't really watch all 311 episodes though, skipped a lil here and there cause I was in hall and they watched it without me. I actually quite like a few of the songs in the drama lols! I even played them while studying for my exams. Shocked one of my friend hahas!

Now to watch all the korean dramas in my lappy whenever I'm free! :)

This week will be a busy week!

Monday: School + Maybe shopping

Tuesday: USS with uni school mates! 
(Will do a post on it that night! Keep a lookout for it!)

Wednesday: Tentatively DRAMA TIME! :)

Thursday: Tentatively DRAMA TIME! :)

Friday: Driving lesson + Maybe shopping

Saturday: Sundown Marathon Volunteering Work

Sunday: End Sundown Marathon at around 6am! 
[ Will try to take photos of the sunrise and post it here! :) ]

♥ ♥ ♥

Slimming Day 3
brunch: 2 slices of bread with cheese
snack: vege, papaya
dinner: home-cooked mee sua
snack: fishcake
I didn't really count my calories. But it should be above 800 and below 1200 :)

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