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So Tiring To Travel To School!

Monday 23 May 2011

As you all know, I'm studying in NTU. And its really troublesome to get there! I need to take a bus from home to the MRT station then take the train to BoonLay and then take a bus from there to school! :( Had to wake up at 6.30am just to reach school on time at 9.30am. But because daddy drove me to the MRT station, it saved me the bus waiting time and I reached school 30mins earlier!

Wondering why I need to set aside so much time to travel to school? It's because I stay in the east side :(
Purposely travelled down to school for a Freshman Orientation Camp (FOC) Briefing. It started at 9.30am and it ended at noon and we had a discussion till 1pm! So In the end, I didn't so shopping cause I was too tired and went home straight. I think one reason is also because I slept late last night!

I'm going to sleep early today! :) USS TOMORROW! Keep a lookout for my post tomorrow night/wednesday night! Depending on whether I still have the energy to do a blog post on the USS trip after the trip tomorrow :) 

♥ ♥ ♥

Slimming Day 4
breakfast: tuna bread, soya bean milk
snack: samosa, fish cake
lunch: beehoon
dinner: porridge
I think I should cut down more on my food intake :(

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