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USS Part I :)

Wednesday 25 May 2011

We met at Vivo City at 9.30am and took a tram together to USS :)

Universal Studios Singapore! :)

 The moment we entered USS we see HOLLYWOOD! :)

Our first ride in USS!
Madagascar: A Crate Adventure!
Photo blurred as I was walking and taking as there are people following behind :(

During the ride. Sorry the photos are blurred as no flash photography allowed and the boat is constantly moving.

During the ride you will reach this water wall! We thought we were going to get drenched! But it stopped pouring when the boat reach!

After the ride, we went to FAR FAR AWAY LAND! :)

Next Ride: Enchanted Airways!
It a junior roller coaster ride! :) Quite fast though. And it did make me scream =X

Next up: Shrek 4-D Adventure!

The theater before the show started!

One of the scene in the show!

After I took this shot, there were "spiders"crawling up my leg! (the 4-D effect)

When you exit, you will reach Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop! Here's a photo of the outer of the shop!

There is a big shrek inside (photo on the left below) and there is also a mini ferris wheel inside. Forgot to take a photo of it though cause I got distracted by the cute soft toys!!

That's all for this post! Will post part two tomorrow! :) Keep a lookout for it!


Slimming Day 6
breakfast: two slices of tuna bread
snack: seaweed, chicken chunks
lunch: porridge
dinner: porridge + vege + fish

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