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USS Part II :)

Friday 27 May 2011

Sorry for not posting yesterday :( If you all followed me on twitter, you all would have known that I was having problems uploading photos yesterday.

After leaving Far Far Away land, we reached The Lost World!

First ride in the lost world: Canopy Flyer! This ride makes me feel like my legs were gonna hit trees anytime!

Next ride was: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure! The wet ride!
If you do not want to get wet, do bring a poncho yourself unless you don't mind paying $2 for a USS poncho (they have a machine there. you can buy while queueing)
This ride is for 9people (3seats, 3seats, 3seats)  :) I was at USS with 6 other friends so we end up sharing with 2 other strangers. My best girl friend and I started hi-5ing after the ride because all 5 guys got wet and we didn't! :) It's actually a luck thing. Those three sitting is on the side that hits the water (when it falls) will not get wet! The guy friend who was sitting on the same side as my bestie got wet due to water splashing in (he was sitting at the side seat). My bestie was sitting on the center seat. I was sitting on a side seat too. But I was lucky water didn't splash in on my side :) The guys got really drenched!

After this water ride, we went to have ice-cream and get some aircon (it was super hot that day!!) then we went to Waterworld! When we reached there it was very full already and we end having the side seats cause we didn't want to sit at the "wet region". The front areas are the wet regions. Those who sit there will get splashed water by the actors. It's the more interactive seats. Their effects were really nice. There were fireworks too! But younger kids might get scared cause those loud sounds might be quite sudden.

Then we went into one of the merchandise shop in The Lost World to catch some aircon while our friend was using the ATM machine outside! :) Here's the dinosaur head inside the shop.

Then we went to Ancient Egypt! :) We took Revenge of the Mummy! It is a high speed indoor "roller coaster" with sharp turns and sudden reverse! The first time we took it we were really scared as we didn't know what to expect! When you enter, its super dark. You won't be able to see a thing and will just feel the drops and turns! Didn't manage to take any photos of the ride though. Everyone is required to put their bags in the lockers before entering.

After that ride, we went to Sci-Fi City! And... Here comes Battlestar Galactica Human(red track) and Cylon(blue track)! We took the red one for "warm up" followed by the blue one. We conquered it! :) My bestie didn't feel well after it though. One reason might be because she was too scared and she closed her eyes almost throughout the ride. I was very scared too but I made sure I opened my eyes cause I'm aware that I have motion sickness and I need to see where I'm going. Here are the photos of the tracks!

We walk, we walk, and we reached New York City! :)

A peak at Hollywood! :) New York and Hollywood are actually side by side. It can be quite hard to differentiate them.

Mel's Drive-In (in Hollywood) for lunch! :)
The vintage car parked outside Mel's Drive-in :) There were two other cars there as well!

The hats shop! There are some hats at the door that you can take photos with! :)

My bestie was still not feeling well after the ride. So we decided not to take any rides for awhile and went to Lights, Camera, Action! It was nearby, located in New York! They will show you how the special effects of a hurricane is created. Its more fun if you get to stand in the first row! The usher was really nice. They saw us and said "I let you all go to the first row. First row is fun." If you get to stand in the first row, you will get a little water splashes and fell the floor shake when the boat "crash"! Here are some of the photos :)

Will update USS Part III tomorrow before I go for sundown marathon! :)


Slimming Day 7
breakfast: cheese bread
snack: one slice of cheese, seaweed
dinner: sweetcorn soup + meat + fish + a few spoonful of rice

Slimming Day 8
breakfast: beehoon
snack: roasted chestnut
lunch: dumpling
dinner: chicken wings + vege soup
snack: papaya

I think I'm eating more and more! Arghhh! Must cut down on more food!

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