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USS Part III :)

Saturday 28 May 2011

After Lights,Camera,Action we continued walking around New York :)

As we continued walking, we passed by Sci-Fi City and reached Ancient Egypt again! As my bestie was feeling better already, one of our friends dared us to take the Revenge of the Mummy again! He said if we can smile and show the victory sign throughout the ride and get captured by the camera there, he will buy the photo! lols! So we decided to take the ride again and some of us did smile and showed the victory sign throughout. But all of us weren't looking at the camera! :( The camera is found on the right at the place where there is a second drop! So we decided to take again! This time all of us did smile and show the victory sign but we turned our heads too much!! :( If you sit on the first row, you need to turn all the way to the right to face the camera. Last row don't even have to turn your head. The middle two rows need to turn their head slightly. So in the end, we did not get the photo :( But the second and third time taking that ride wasn't scary at all! :) Cause we all knew exactly what would happen!

The guys went to take both the battlestar rides again while I accompanied my bestie. She still haven't fully recovered yet. So we decided not to take the risk. While they were taking the ride, we were looking after the bags and camwhoring at the same time :)

After the guys were done with their rides, we went to watch Monster Rock. The finale was nice! But the middle parts might be a little boring. It might also be because we were already tired by then so we felt sleepy.

Hollywood! On our way out of USS :( Very reluctant to leave! USS is a really nice place!

That's all for my USS trip! :) They should open more rides then I will definitely go again! :) Might go again with my sisters to take those family/kids rides :) Didn't take with the guys. They found it childish hahas. But it won't happen anytime soon since I just went there only.

You can read on the rest of my USS trip here: Part I and Part II

Now that I'm done with this post, I need to get ready to go for my Sundown Volunteering soon! :) I'm allocated to go to the ECP route! I will see if I will stay till sunrise and take some nice photos!


Slimming Day 9
breakfast: 1 sweet potato
lunch: half a dumpling
snack: 1 sweet potato
dinner: will be provided by sundown marathon (doughnut, cake, curry puff, drumlet, nuggets)

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