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Finally The Bag Came...

Friday 24 June 2011

This is the first time i bought bags online. Waited for 4 weeks for this bag to come. But it was a huge disappointment :(
I bought 3 envelope bags. Here are the photos of two of it which I took photos of. Cause the third one is my sister's.
This is the nude one which I like alot cause the quality is good. Thicker and firm.

The pink one (mine) and the brown one which i bought were both not firm at all. It's hard to use it properly as a clutch and its smaller in size. Can barely put A4 stuffs inside.

Lesson learnt: Not to buy cheap bags online!
I bought it at $14.90 (which is very cheap for a bag) but only one out of three was of satisfaction! :( 
I will not reveal where I bought it from as I only want to share good shops and not bad ones with you all (Don't want to be accused of spoiling their shop name)

And although there is this pair of heels that I really like in their shop. But I don't think I will still dare to buy from them :( Shall start going to far east to shop and see if they sell those heels :) Cause far east usually sell alot of those bags/shoes that can be found on online stores :)

Got to go sleep now. Need to wake up super early tomorrow! 5.30am! So that I can reach Raffles Place MRT station by 7am :( Work starts at 7.30am and we need to walk there from the MRT station. So Good Night all! :)

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