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Presents From USA! :)

Thursday 23 June 2011

Yesterday I couldn't blog as blogger's photo uploader was not working :(
Here's the post which I wanted to post yesterday!

The day before yesterday sis's friend got back from USA and brought back some of the stuffs that sis bought for us in USA! She bought coach bags for mummy and grandma. And she bought rings for me and my sis. She has no idea of what to get for daddy and grandpa yet. But she will definitely buy something for them in USA :)

Here's the ring she bought for me and the other sis! :)
It's 4 separate rings that forms L O V E !
We each had a set as she bought for herself too! :) So it will be the sisters ring? :)

Today I went for product training at the trainer's friend's house! They had a doggy there! And the moment they opened the main door, the doggy ran out, straight towards 4 of my friends who were screaming and kept barking at them! lols. another friend, who was also scared of dog, was lucky because she hide behind me and another friend who were not so scared of dogs :) I used to be very scared of dogs too. Till I started looking after someone's puppy.

Shall get ready for work on Saturday! :) It's a family day event near Marina Bay Sands. If possible, I will take photos and share with you all! :)

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